Bass notes on a piano

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  1. I had an disagreement with a student and need to make sure I have given him correct information. Can someone please tell me where the low B of a standard tuned electric five string is on an 88 key piano? Also, what is the lowest note a standard tuned regular 4 string acoustic bass can play and where is that on a piano?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    Do you know where to find Middle C on a piano?
    If so, on a 4-string bass, that note is G-string/17th fret.

    Go to Middle C...go down 3 octaves...move down a 1/2 step(to "B"). It's early here; I think that would be the low "B" of a 5-string.
    Do you have both instruments in the same room?

    The Acoustic bass is tuned the same as a 4-string electric bass(E-A-D-G).

    Recall that Bass is played an octave LOWER than written.
    (Otherwise, there would be many ledger lines below the staff).
  3. Thanks, you have confirmed my thoughts!