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bass on it's way out, i need a new one!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by wotnwhy, Apr 18, 2002.

  1. i am making myself a 6-string bass, but my yammaha RBX260 is giving up on me and all the problems are starting to get on my nerves, and the 6-string won't be done for at least a year, so here's my idea

    i could spare 400 pounds ($500-600 U.S i think) out of the money saved for the one i'm making.

    i've seen a lovely looking Yamaha RBX 465 5 string (gold hardware, and active electronics) for 325 pounds. is this a good deal for the bass (it is said to be in great condition)?

    the reason i'm interested in this bass is because i already have an RBX and i know i like the feel, + it would be nice to have the same bass but better (if you know what i mean). the only thing is, will it wear out in a couple of years like my RBX 260 or is it better built (or could my bass just be problematic)?

    any other suggestions for 5/6-sting basses with 24 frets (so no fenders)

    thanx for any help


  2. Wotnwhy, I love Yamaha basses. I have played the RBX465A and can tell you it's a great playing/sounding instrument. I myself have a BB5N II which is passive, but still a very good sounding bass. I believe 325 lbs would be about $500 U.S., correct? If so, that's a good price; the RBX465A is going for about $569.00 U.S. here, new without a case, which would be about another $100. Note that I'm talking about the RBX465A which is active, the RBX465 is passive, and a little cheaper.

    When you say your RBX260 is "giving up" on you, what do you mean exactly?

    Mike J.

    Go to: www.musiciansfriend.com In the search window on the left, type in: yamaha bass
    You'll see them there.
  3. Like Michael Jewels has already asked, what exactly has gone wrong with your bass?

    We should be able to help you fix it if it's not a constructional defect i.e. cracked body/ neck etc.

    If your building a 6 string then your more than likely going to have the knowledge to fix any probelms, or is it a case of your getting bored with the RBX 260 and you want a new bass to tie you over until you have built the 6 string?

    If you can fix or get the yamaha fixed then i'd do that. Yo say you can spare 400 squid from the 6 er fund, however you need to remember that your either going to have to replace the funds or reduce the ammount you spend on the 6 er!!

    That 400 could be spent on a better preamp, pickups or an uprated bridge.

    Think about how some sims would look in that beast:) !!

    Sometimes we have to prioritse when we talk about basses. We all want a new bass, GAS is always at the for front of our thoughts, but it needs to be supressed in a situation like this.

    You've taken the plunge and decided to build a bass, think about how good it'll be when she's finished and how much better you'll feel for waiting.

    saying that though, if she's completely wrecked, look at the used market. Although you like the RBX series, theres more than one option for 400 and a lot more in the used market ;)

  4. thats it bassically, i have had severall problems with the input jack and there is something wrong with the neck (the notes above the 12th fret are out of tune)

    there are also some MAJOR dents and chips in it, there's one way bigger than my thumb nail and about a centimeter deep. small dents and scratches are fine, but i hate things like that

    and i think a 5er will keep me ocupied until the 6 is done, abd it will probably make the transition easier

    wot r sims :confused:

    thanx for the input


  5. Selta


    Feb 6, 2002
    Pacific Northwet
    Total fanboi of: Fractal Audio, AudiKinesis Cabs, Dingwall basses
    I'm not sure what the price would be in pounds, but I know some Ibanez SR and SRX's run for like anywhere between what, like $300- like $800 I think (U.S.) and maybe the BTB's would be for you. They run for like somewhere around $550 or something US. I know alot of people dont like the SR/SRX's but I love mine, love the tone and feel of it. Just my input on this, I think maybe you should just go out and try some that are in your price range and find one you like...
  6. Makatak


    Apr 13, 2002
    New Zealand
    I may be picky , but the thing i think really cheapens the RBX series is the white plastic nut , it looks terrible against a rosewood neck , a black or brass one would have sold me the 760A i was looking at , also i found Yamaha put the neck too far into the body so even though it was a 24 fret neck it felt like a 3/4 size . i bought a Washburn instead , im not looking back this bass is FAT !
  7. well i've ordered the yammaha RBX and it'll be here tomorow (sp?)

    i can't get around to shops to try lots of basses so i thaught it was best to stick with one i know i like rather than risk ordering one bassed solely on what i've heard about it


  8. Si-bob


    Jun 30, 2001
    Hemel Hempstead, UK
    Focusrite / Novation
    i agree with the consensus that RBX's are (on the whole) a very good bang 4 the buck (pound, whateva)
    however, would it not be fairly obvious, that if your building yourself a 6 string, to buy a cheap(er) 6 string now, so your used to 6 for wen your finished your project?

  9. your right, it would be the most logicle thing to do


    i have been looking for a 6-string bass for AGES now and i only found 2 6ers in my price range, 1 i didn't like, and the guys who was selling the other one sounded completly off his head (not in the mad way) and was a bit suspicious,

    and this is why i'm building a 6er, 'cos i can spread out the payments of the parts, and end up with a bass that has everything I want on it, with no comprimises



    P.S. the yamahas arrived and i'm LOVING it, it's SO much better than my old one, the range of tones is HUGE and the low-b is so usefull, i LOVE that low boom! :D :D :D
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