Bass on Steroids!

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  1. I was just listening to "Wake Up Call" by Alain Caron (UZEB) and I cannot get over his tone! :eek: I know he uses F Basses and I think Eden soudgear, but I am not certain.

    Anyway, what I would like to know is what kind of gear he uses to get that kind of sound live, specifically on that particular performance?

    If you haven't heard it here is a link:
  2. holy crap that sounds amazing

    i cant imagine that he would be using eden though, unless hes got the eq tweaked some wierd way ive never heard of. i couldnt imagine getting that sounds from eden
  3. furiously funky

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    Dec 28, 2002
    alain uses roland amps and a roland VBass midi pedal.
    his web page should have it all.
    live he uses 2 4x10's one on each side of him
  4. Roland? I saw that he endorses them, but had no idea that was what he used in a live setting. Speakers too?

    Being that you're from Canada, have you had the honor to see him live?
  5. When I saw him last year playing with Mike Stern he was using 2 roland DB900 combos loaded with 410 and he also had a Boss GT6B.