Bass overdrive and preamp

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  1. hhow09


    Oct 26, 2017
    Hi there, I have some tone problem with overdrive pedal.
    setup: Fender P-BASS STD (USA) --> Catalinbread SFT --> Hartke Bass Attack --> Amp

    I really love the dynamic and breakup sound of SFT. (Ampeg based sound)
    However, SFT also make my P-bass boomy.
    There is obvious bump at about 100Hz~150Hz!!
    also it make my A string much louder than others

    Cannot deal with it by adjust the tone knob of SFT.
    I usually keep the high and low tone at 12 o'clock.
    "Harmonics" on bass attack also emphasize the boomy sound however it is also controls the gain which I cannot turn it off.

    Anyone suggestion on tone or equipment adjustment?
    thanks a lot
  2. monsterthompson

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    Nov 25, 2008
    Some helpful gear might be:

    EQ pedal. Perhaps a multi-band graphic, or semi-parametric unit.

    Compressor pedal. This can help tighten up the dynamic range.

    I would say a High Pass Filter, but if you think the offending frequencies are over 100, then you may not want to filter out everything below that point.

    I am not that familiar with your specific gear, but I think these item are decent starting points. There are likely several other options which might be helpful.
  3. hhow09


    Oct 26, 2017
    There is still low end below the 100hz which cannot simply cut. I also want my setup as simple as possible. Simply change a suitable preamp or overdrive will be the best solution.

    Btw, I just wonder if the 'tube emulating (Hartke , SFT) and boomy boost is just the same thing. Maybe I am just ovedosed.
  4. Is the SFT simply accentuating what is already there?
    ie— perhaps your bass has that hump and you only notice it when pushing the entire signal through the pedals. Is your bass set up properly, pickup height adjusted for even response etc.

    If you go for an EQ pedal, I'd recommend getting a parametric so you can attack the boomy-bass problem with "precision".