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Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by AsteroidM2070, Sep 4, 2001.

  1. AsteroidM2070

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    Aug 3, 2001
    Hey Iwas wondering if the Bass pandora from tone works was anygood?
  2. As an effects unit to use in public - forget it :rolleyes:

    As a personal practice, headphone, unit - nothing can touch it until you get up around the $900 range, IMO. Even some of the effects are fine with headphones. It's worth every penny to me, especially in hotel rooms when the gig is out of town.

    If you get one, buy a 9V adapter/wall wart, too. They eat batteries by the handful.
  3. Well, I've used a couple of the effects in public, and although it was a little bit cumbersome to set the right effect (just because the unit is small and doesn't have a foot pedal), I thought the effect sounded okay. Of course, I wanted a cheesy chorused autowah for a Whitney Houston cover, but I think it did the trick. Though the soundman wanted to kill me for having any effects at all. I don't know what their deal is, it was only one song, nothing too awful. I guess they think with bassists you should just take one minute to soundcheck them and that's it. They'll rue the day they messed with us!!...

    Anyhow, back to the pandora box. It's awesome. A little pricy but totally worth it, considering all the features it has in it. Definately pick one up.
  4. That sounds like a sound guy with an attitude problem. Their job is to amplify a band, no matter what equipment they use. He may not agree with you using effects, but he has to keep his mouth shut about it.
  5. Bass Guitar

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    Aug 13, 2001
    I agree with Rickbass - they cannot be used live, because there is no foot pedal with it - you cannot change effects on the fly. You can't possibly spend time between songs pressing tiny buttons to pick the right effect. Best to check out other similar multi-effects boxes like the Zoom 506 II etc. that lets you change effects with a foot pedal.
  6. Amen!
  7. HAH!!! Thanks Bass G! I didn't even mention that. I just think they sound too cheesy to use in front of an audience :rolleyes:
  8. count_funkula

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    Dec 13, 1999
    Greenville, Tx
    I just bought one about two weeks ago and I think it is one of the best gear investments I have made.

    It is the ultimate practice tool. It sounds great.

    The effects are fun to play around with and would probably be good for some home recording but without a foot switch it wouldn't be good for stage.

    I highly recommend it!
  9. Tapp


    Aug 29, 2001
    USA, Mississippi
    You know I bought one simply with the idea to practice along with CD's and the rhythm trainer yet some of the effects are not that bad. I plugged the unit in front of my tube rig and was impressed. Granted the overdrive is not near what my Fulltone is but for having just about any effect, it's a pretty cool box. I think it would work if you played a gig and had one tune you needed autowah or ..... on and simply plugged it in.