1. I need some cash and no longer have a use for these.

    Ibanez bass neck, $80
    mahogany, tilt back headstock, ebony fretboard, white binding, 24 frets, great condition except for a few chips in the headstock paint and a nick in the fretboard.

    Washburn bass body, $50
    black with white spackle finish, made for 24 fret necks, good condition except for a couple small scratches and torn off paint that would be covered by a new bridge

    Bartolini 8S PBass pickup SOLD

    Buyer pays shipping costs. Thanks for looking. You can email me at smear4life@hotmail.com

    Here's a pic of the neck, better pics up as soon as the battery recharges.
  2. Pic of body...the part at the bottom is just glare.

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  4. Bump with some pics of the neck...
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  6. One more...now buy my stuff!!:D
  7. Bump for the neck and the body!! C'mon people, I need some cash.:)
  8. The pickup has been sold. Bump for the neck and body!!
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