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    i was owndering if anyone knew of a company that specializes in bass picks(and if they have a website you can order from) OR an online/local merchant(southern california area) that carries them?? i play with a pick (obviously since im asking this question) and i canNOT find bass picks ANYwhere. what i mean by bass picks are the larger-than-normal, triangular shaped picks (not TRIANGLES, but TRIANGULAR...sort of rounded between the three points...know what i mean?) i got a pick from a fear factory show...its green with cuts in it for grip and its kind of bent down the middle and i played with it for a while and it was almost perfect....but i can't just have one pick, ya know? (even more-so a BAND pick) you need quite a bit just in case you lose one or your stupid friends take one. sorry if my questions a wee bit jumbled and obscure or anything of the sort...

  2. I did some gig's as supporting act for Fear Factory, and at that time, he used plain 1.5mm Stuby's..
    but that was like 2 years ago.. perhaps he switched to others by now..
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