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Bass Player back issues, '92-present

Discussion in 'For Sale: Strings and Accessories' started by Johno Dunn, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. I am parting ways with a big part of my Bass history. I sold the SE's and years '90 & '91, and would like to move the rest, as I don't have room to store them any more and would like to pass them on. I am listing years '92, '93 and '94, but I have all years complete to present, so if you have a year you want, just let me know. Or if you want a cover list for a certain year, just shoot me a PM.
    All issues are in good shape considering their age and the fact that they have been read and re-read many times over.
    All prices include shipping.

    1992 (8 issues) $35
    Jan/Feb, Flea
    March, Mark King Pino Palladinio
    April, Sting
    May/June, Patitucci
    July/August, Amps
    September, Masters of Funk
    October, Marcus Miller
    Nov/Dec '93 Buyers Guide

    1993 (8 issues) $35
    Jan/Feb, Less Claypool
    March. Maxed out
    April, Improve your Groove
    May/June, Billy Sheehan
    July/Aug, 25 Amazing Bargains
    Sept/Oct, Stanley Clarke
    Nov, Vic vs. Flea (Bassist of the Year)
    Dec, Geddy

    1994 (8 issues) $35
    Jan/Feb, Michael Manring
    March, 5th Anniversary Issue
    April, Jeff Ament
    May/June, Secerets of Tone
    July/Aug, Robert Trujillo
    Sept/Oct, Recording Issue
    Nov, Chris Squire and JP Jones
    Dec, Anthony Jackson and Ron Carter.

    Or make an offer, or propose a trade!!!

  2. So here's what I have left;
    '92 through '02 all issues,
    '03 all issues but Dec.
    '04 and '05 are gone,
    '06 all issues but Jan., April, and May,
    '07 all issues but Sept.
    '08 and '09 are gone,
    '10 all issues,
    '11 all issues but Oct., Nov., and Dec.
    '12 is gone.
    Please feel free to make an offer on whole years, or single issues. I want to move these!!!!

  3. TTT
  4. Need $75 FAST! Make me an offer!!!!!

  5. '92 through '02 are gone!ale an offer on the rest!

  6. Revival thread! Buy me!

  7. sanfordandsonny


    Nov 15, 2006
    El Presidente of Sanford and Sonny Audio Weapons (Bluebeard Fuzz)
    1992 Jan/Feb, Flea
    I need this one please!!!
  8. I think that ones gone, but I'll check.