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Bass Player LIVE! Oct 24-25 2009

Discussion in 'Social Events and Get Togethers [BG]' started by Sponsored Thread, Oct 20, 2009.

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    Apr 26, 2001
    Hey all,

    Just wanted to have a chance to discuss Bass Player LIVE! with you guys and gals directly...

    As I’m sure many of you know, BPL is one of the coolest annual events for bass geeks like us. I’ll never forget watching Anthony Jackson and Will Lee hang in NY just before their gig at the China Club (while Mike Gordon came back for thirdsies at the buffet...sorry Mike!), seeing Ron Carter get his lifetime achievement award, giggling at Meshell Ndgeocello playing tech for Doug Wimbish at the one of the late-night jams, seeing Stanley, Marcus, and Victor slay “School Days” together...it’s just one of those events that’s inevitably blessed with a few once-in-a-lifetime bass moments.

    This year (like last) it’s at SIR in Hollywood with a big concert Saturday night at the Key Club. The concert will be incredible...Charlie Haden and Rocco Prestia are getting lifetime achivement awards, and then playing...Charlie w/ Alan Broadbent in a duo and Rocco w/ a TOP all-star quintet (w/ Garibaldi on drums!). Plus, Vato Negro with Juan Alderete, Omar Rodriguez Lopez, and Thomas Pridgen...and a monster all-star bass jam.

    The daytime stuff is no less cool...we’ve got too many clinicians to list here. Go to bassplayerlive.com and bassplayer.com for all the info. AND, there’s going to be TONS of gear there to fondle and oogle.

    All in all, if you play bass and live in the L.A. area (or don’t mind some travel), you have no excuse! I guarantee you’ll make friends and leave inspired...

    Feel free to post any questions or comments here, and I’ll check back up until the even this weekend.


    Jonathan Herrera
    Senior Editor
  2. nixdad


    Aug 15, 2008
    Los Angeles, CA
    Last year's event was great! The artists, the manufacturers, people in the bass community, etc. The hang and networking opportunities make this a very worthwhile event.
  3. I'll be there fo sho! BPL is an awesome opportunity to mingle with your bass brothers and sisters, try out new gear and get some insight into how different players aproach their craft. I had an amazing time last year and met some great people.

    QUESTION: Last year by this time I had received an email with the clinic times and schedules. I haven't gotten one this year. Is the schedule posted anywhere online? I didn't see it on the bpl site.
  4. Hey Chris, I remember you from The Bass Centre thread :)

    Thanks for the link. Its going to be a fun weekend!

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