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Bass Player Magazine Collection 98-03

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by cbass1, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Here is the list, $3 each including shipping or $60 shipped conus for the whole lot. Most are pristine and basically unread, A couple have a page or two wrinkled (i.e. you can tell they have been read)

    Mon YR On the Cover

    Aug 98' Jeff Ament
    Sep 98' Get out of that Rut
    Oct 98' Christian McBride
    Nov 98' Type O' Neg/Record your Bass
    Dec 98' Bootsy Collins
    Jan 99' 10yrs Anniversary
    Feb 99' Fieldy
    Mar 99' Mike Mills REM
    Apr 99' Get Great Time
    May 99' New Gear you Need!
    Jun 99' Doug Wimbish
    Jul 99' Amp Shootout
    Aug 99' Stanley Clarke
    Sep 99' John Paul Jones
    Oct 99' Les Claypool
    Fall99' 70 ways to play better
    Nov 99' Prince
    Dec 99' P'nut
    Jan 00' 100 years of bass
    Feb 00' Paul McCartney/ Sing
    Aug 00' Tony Kanal
    Aug 00' Tony Kanal (two of em')
    Oct 00' Sam Rivers
    Nov 00' Get Heard
    Dec 00' Adam Clayton
    Jan 01' Geddy Lee
    Feb 01' The Future of Bass
    Mar 01' Milt Hilton
    Apr 01' Get more from your Gear
    May 01' Justin Chancellor
    Jun 01' Marcus Miller
    Jul 01' Stephan Lessard
    Aug 01' Juan Nelson
    Sep 01' Jack Bruce
    Nov 01' Robert DeLeo
    Dec 01' Will Dog
    Feb 02' Dirk Lance
    Jul 02' Raphael Saadiq
    Sep 02' John Entwistle
    Jun 03' Chris Chaney
    Jul 98' Bass Frontier Magazine Darryl Jones
  2. sold pending payment

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