SOLD Bass player magazines

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  1. Price:
    I have 49 bass player magazines for sale. $50 shipped or best offer!
    Listing them all tonight.

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  2. Actually make that 49 issues. Had to recount.
    I will throw in a Jazz times Jaco issue April 2002

    sept 14 tony levin
    may 14 rex brown
    april 14 nathan east
    jan 14 Eddie gomez
    holiday 13 Billy Sheehan
    dec 13 johnny christ
    nov 13 verdine White
    oct 13 roger glover
    sept 13 progressive metal bass
    aug 13 will lee
    july 13 geezer butler
    june 13 dug pinnick
    march 13 ben shepherd
    april 13 gary willis
    may 13 acoustic 360
    dec 09 jamerson
    april 08 randy jackson
    may 08 marcus miller
    oct 05 Paul McCartney
    sept 05 stefan lessard
    june 05 victor wooten
    april 05 marcus miller
    march 05 juan alderete
    holiday 08 20 years the state of bass
    oct 08 justin meldal-johnsen
    july 07 justin chancellor
    march 06 geddy lee
    july 05 boosty
    feb 05 cliff burton
    dec 04 the string thing
    nov 04 kim deal
    jan 03 ryan martinie
    james jamerson dec 02
    nov 02 synth bass/tony kinal
    oct 02 ray brown
    sept 02 john entwhistle
    august 02 flea
    july 02 raphael sadiiq
    june 02 chris wood
    may 02 bill laswell
    april 02 charles mingus
    march 02 Meshell NdegeOcello
    dec 01 wil-dog
    oct 01 fender precision 50th anny
    feb 01 the future of bass
    oct 00 limp bizkit
    sept 00 75 ways to get better tone
    june 00 phil lesh
    nov 98 record your bass
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    May 5, 2011
    Newport, TN.
    Pm sent.....
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