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  1. Not trying to get rich off of these, but I do wanna get rid of them. I really dont want to go through the nutroll of selling them individually, so Im only gonna sell the set. Some of them are "well read" and are a little beat up from being taken on the road, but none are missing stories, pages, etc.

    Heres whats included, month, cover story, and artist band at time of issue:

    June-Chris Chaney (Alanis, Janes Addiction)
    October-Victor Wooten

    January- 15th Ann. Issue
    March-Pino Palladino (the Who)
    April-Ben Kenney (Incubus)
    May-Get into the Groove issue
    June-Rhonda Smith (Prince)
    September-Mike Dirnt (Green Day)
    October-Brian Wilson
    December- The String Thing Issue

    January-Dave Holland
    February-Cliff Burton
    March-Juan Alderete (the Mars Volta)
    April-Marcus Miller
    May-Peter Hook (New Order and Joy Division)
    June-Victor Wooten
    July-Bootsy Collins
    August-Darryl Jones (the Rolling Stones)

    18 issues.

    Feel free to PM or e-mail me your offers.
  2. $27 shipped.

    Thats $1.50 an issue, and free shipping.
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    Are the covers intact and in good condition?

  4. Sold. Thanks.