Bass player on Elvis's Rubberneckin

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  1. Just curious if anyone has any more info to add. Session notes list Mike Leech and Tommy Cogbill as bass player, but doesn't specify who.
    Listening to the track id guess Cogbill, the way he stays on the C at the intro is similar to the beginning of 'Memphis Soul Stew' and 'Land of 1000 Dances'. And his passing notes are similar to 'Respect' and the chorus of 'Since You've Been Gone'.
    These are just opinions and i honestly haven't studied Mike Leech as much as Tommy Cogbill. If anybody has any other info im missing, or opinions, please share! Thanks.
  2. Just listened to this track today. Bumping this to see if anyone could add anything. Thoughts? Observations? Guesses?
    Definately worth another listen for any fans of memphis soul.

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  4. Thanks Jimmy! I appreciate the info.