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Bass POD XL Live Users - Need HELP getting to the board

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by DeadMike, May 9, 2006.

  1. DeadMike


    May 17, 2005
    Des Moines, IA
    Ok, so here's my situation. I did my research on the BODXTL and picked one up yesterday, but didn't think about how the DI capability would work....and honestly, the big blue book hasn't helped out that much with it.

    My question is really a couple smaller questions to get me to the board (I'd rather just use my BODXTL without my backline rig):

    1. Am I supposed to run my 1/4" line out of the MODEL output or the DI output to the board? Can I run them both (will it be in stereo?) or do I just run one of the outputs?

    2. After I send a 1/4" cable out, do I run that into a DI box? I've got a GT Tubes DI that will convert the unbalanced 1/4" input to a balanced XLR output. If I'm running both MODEL and DI outputs, do I just put two DI boxes next to each other and end up with 2 XLRs?

    3. Has anyone around here been successful with just using the Live board without an amp setup? I'd like to leave my amp set up for our recording process and not have to deal with it for live shows. We've been playing a bunch of 45 minute sets with other billed bands and it would make the setup a lot easier. Our guitarist is one step away from doing the same thing.

    4. Where does the in-ear monitor go? I've read a bunch of posts from people who use them, but is that a send from the FOH? I've never used one, any recommendations would be appreciated.

    Thanks as always. You guys have really saved me from some mistakes in the past.
  2. Hey DM,
    I have a Bpod Live also.Hope this helps.
    Your DI should go to the board.Into your GT tube DI should make it sound great. I wouldn't use it on the model output since that out put usually has EQ,effects,amp models etc.
    If you don't have an amp onstage send the model out to the board as well. If you have an amp as a monitor here is a trick that I heard about from the original bass pod and bass pod xt. Send the model out to the amp, and send the headphone out to the board simultaneously. The headphone out has all of the modeling and A.I.R. effects.
    I havent had the opportunity to use it without an amp but I'm really looking forward to trying it. I know there are a few guys on here that swear by it.
    Never used in ear monitors so I can't help you there.
    Take Care,
  3. DeadMike


    May 17, 2005
    Des Moines, IA
    Thanks Brent, but I'm still confused. If I want all of my effects to go through the PA, wouldn't I want to send my MODEL output to the board? The manual makes it sound like the DI doesn't have any of the effects or amp models with the sound, which seems to defeat the point.
  4. DeadMike


    May 17, 2005
    Des Moines, IA
    Ok, I think I have an idea. What if I ran two 1/4" cables to the board. Wouldn't that give me both the DI and affected sound to the board?
  5. Now you have it my man!
  6. SnoMan

    SnoMan Words Words Words

    Jan 27, 2001
    Charleston, WV
    Wait, are you saying that the DI basically bypasses the unit?

    If that's correct.....then what's the point?
  7. DeadMike


    May 17, 2005
    Des Moines, IA
    I'm completely pumped about this pedal board. I spent last night reviewing the manual and planning out my settings. Yeah, it takes time to mess with the settings, but after I got one set up, I knew it was worth it.

    We've got back to back weekend gigs at the end of the month and I'm planning to go direct and leaving my amp and cabs behind. We'll see how it goes.
  8. No. What I'm saying is that you can send the DI and modeled output simulataneously. Best of both worlds!
  9. DeadMike


    May 17, 2005
    Des Moines, IA

    Do you run your DI and MODEL outputs into DI boxes to convert to XLR, or do you run 1/4" cables directly to the board or snake? If I run 1/4" cables, I should probably pick up heavy gauge cords, like speaker cables or monster cables, right? Instrument cables would lose some quality over the length of the cable run, right?
  10. Thunder Lizard

    Thunder Lizard

    Dec 7, 2005
    Lethbridge, AB
    Canadian Distributor, Basson Sound Equipment
    Convert to XLR before making any long runs, certainly. That way you can use the SNAKE to get signal to the FOH, instead of trying to run ridiculously long guitar cords that are going to lose signal like bastiges. It will make you happier.
    I like to run both sends of the Pod to the console, as well, it's a nice safe place for the Mixer if I happen to accidently punch up some unplanned patch and he ends up with a pink flanger in a straight song.. he can ditch it. As long as he doesn't ditch it all the time....lol. A lot of quality DI boxes have more than one output..... one for the XLR and one for "to amp" so you can get things running to both places easily. Enjoy your POD, it's a very useful tool.
  11. The BurgerMeister

    The BurgerMeister musician.

    Apr 13, 2006
    Big Bear, CA
    an in ear system comes from the "mix out" or "aux" of the FOH board. if it's wireless, the FOH engineer sends outs to the transmitter (and your receiver picks it up). if it's wired, you'd probably send the mix out to some onstage mini mixer or something.

  12. patrickj


    Aug 13, 2001
    Ellicott City, MD
    Endorsing: Spector Bass Guitars
    Are you sure? I'm pretty sure that the DI out on the BOD Live (I also use one) only sends a phase aligned unprocessed signal.

    double checking --- From the manual:

    "And that's why your Bass POD XT Live includes, along with it's Model output, a D.I. output that gives you an unprocessed direct bass signal line level output that is exactly time- and phase-aligned with the amp+cab+mic+effects sound pumping out of the Model output."

    My interpretation of that, and my solution (for a while now) was to have the BOD Model output running into a stand alone DI (I use the Behringer BDI21 - I like gritting it up a tad). From there I run the 1/4" to my amp, and the XLR goes to the house. Basically a fancy splitter with a ground lift (you need the lift - a Y splitter doesn't work - tried). This is the only way I found to get a processed signal to both the house and my amp. Because as mentioned, otherwise your just sending the sound of your bass to the house, which kind of defeats the purpose of the POD.
  13. Fo' Shizzle

    Fo' Shizzle

    Aug 28, 2003
    I send the model out to the console. That way all of those groovy amp and cab models and effects go to the house and back to my monitor.

    One of the hardest things to come to grips with is figuring out your favorite 4 patches to load as Page 1. I now have 4 pages of really cool patches and they have to earn their keep to stay in the "Top 4" (kinda like my own BCS rankings!:smug: )
  14. Of course that now means you have to export and post them here!

    C'mon guys - what patches do you all use out there?

    I have been gigging lots since I got my BOD and haven't really had time to play heaps. I basically levelled all the volume of the preset patches, A/Bed my headphones with my amp/cab and tweaked the EQ a bit, and then slightly tweaked a couple of presets.

    I know I'm lazy but I only need a couple of sounds right now.

    BTW, I use 1/4" instrument leads to DI into the mixer on small gigs, and a basic Behringer DI box to go into the snake on bigger gigs. I always take the Model output and leave the DI output alone. I also always switch the output to Studio Direct so everything gets modelled.
  15. patrickj


    Aug 13, 2001
    Ellicott City, MD
    Endorsing: Spector Bass Guitars
    My Top 4.. I keep them generic so as to fit with whatever I'm doing. The next 8 are setup for specific songs.

    1) The original Ampeg classic rock with a tad more drive and re-EQ'd a bit more to my preference

    2) GK rig (stomp off)
    3) GK rig (stomp on)
    (2&3 are 'my' sounds)

    4) Mesa rig
  16. Hi There,
    What stomp box models are you using with the GK rig?
  17. Thanks for the ideas!

    My top 3 that I use at the moment are

    1. Memphis Bottom
    2. RnB Standard - I eased the compression off this a little
    3. Sunshine - this has a great Jack Bruce brown overdriven sound
  18. patrickj


    Aug 13, 2001
    Ellicott City, MD
    Endorsing: Spector Bass Guitars
    Don't remember off the top of my head, I'll double check later this evening!
  19. patrickj


    Aug 13, 2001
    Ellicott City, MD
    Endorsing: Spector Bass Guitars
    Hah, I finally got around to check on this...

    My 'Normal GK':
    drive 79%
    bass 85%
    lo mid 43%
    hi mid 59%
    treble 74%
    chan vol 72%

    room 12%
    mic 112 dynamic

    comp 50%

    My 'Dirty GK':
    drive 54%
    bass 85%
    lo mid 43%
    hi mid 59%
    treble 74%
    chan vol 84%

    (same mic settings)

    (same comp settings)

    stomp: screamer
    drive 64%
    gain 44%
    tone 13%

    signal chain: stomp -> comp -> vol

    I don't use tweeters in my cabinets so you may need to roll off the tone pot/treble EQ on the bass to a suitable level.

    Hope you like!

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