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    May 23, 2003
    Naples, FL
    I like to position my bass in a more upright position. The perfect position is when sitting with one leg crossed over the other, with the bass resting in the crotch and the neck positioned just past the left shoulder. However, when standing and using a strap, the natural balance of the bass pulls it more horizontal than vertical.

    I’ve thought about repositioning the lower strap button to alter the balance of the bass, but I’m not comfortable drilling holes in my bass to find the best spot.

    Is anyone aware of anything that might help? Such as, for example, a “sticky” strap that would stick to my shoulder with enough force to resist the tendency of the bass to balance more horizontal than vertical?

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    I have a couple of suggestions.

    You wouldn't need to drill holes to TEST this, you can test for the sweet spot by using duct tape and then drill and mount a button after.

    I would also experiment with an thin strap as follows:

    What happens when you attach a second strap to the upper button, take it around under your right arm [assuming you are a righty ] and around your lower back and secure it at one of your belt loops? Can you adjust postion comfortably there?

    Then another wild brainstorm!

    Ever heard of a 'Sam Browne' belt. It is a military or police style belt, that has 1 strap over the shoulder. State Police and military types get fairly aroused over this kind of leather. I won't get into the subliminal psychology of this.

    It would be interesting to strap to a Sam Browne using a short leather strap at the neck to adjust for the best position. Play with the attachment point before attaching permanently. Actually, go to a police supply distributor and ask them to play with one to see if it works, or a Army navy type store.

    A short history of the 'Sam Browne' belt.

    Hope those suggestions help.

  3. This might help a little:

    The last one is the one that I'm more refering to, you've already considered the first few. You gotta be game to use the last one, especially if you're going to be moving around some. It actually holds pretty well, though I haven't been game to move around heaps with it like that. If you have strap locks you can attach both ends of the strap to the lock thingy, though it just doesn't seem to work quite as well.

    Josh D
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