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Discussion in 'Ask David Overthrow' started by Dave Overthrow, May 19, 2008.

  1. This summer I'll be teaching Bass Seminars at the National Guitar Workshop's Connecticut, Virginia and Chicago Campuses. I'll be directing the Bass Summit at the Connecticut campus. Guest artists at the bass summit include Steve Bailey and Steve Swallow. I thought I would post information on each of the seminars I'll be teaching, including the Phat Funk and Fusion seminar I'll be teaching during the bass summit week. Check out the giveaways at the bass summit week. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Here is a list of all Bass Seminars I will be teaching this summer:


    ULTIMATE BLUES BASS - Chicago, Il (July 12-17)

    ALUMNI ONLY BLUES - New Milford, CT (August 3-8)

    PHAT FUNK AND FUSION New Milford, CT (August 10-15)

    To learn more about each of these seminars and locations, check out my seminars page and/or check out www.guitarworkshop.com.


    The bass summit is a great opportunity for bassists to participate in bass seminars and have plenty of opportunities to play both in and out of the classroom. Guest artists during the week include Steve Bailey and Steve Swallow. Steve bailey has played and recorded with many artists and has collaborated with Victor Wooten on several recordings. He is known for playing 6 string fretless bass and has done some great things with harmonics.

    Steve Swallow is a unique bassist who has played with a who’s who of jazz players including Pat Metheny and John Scofield. In fact, Steve will be playing with John Scofield during the Bass Summit week. Steve plays electric bass with a pick, has a great sound, a melodic style and is well worth checking out.

    There will also be some great giveaways at the bass summit including a Washburn Bass and an Eden amplifier.

    Here is info on my PHAT FUNK and FUSION BASS SEMINAR:

    In the Phat Funk and Fusion seminar, through listening, presentation and application, students will study bass lines recorded by Jaco, Stanley Clarke, Larry Graham Bootsy Collins, Flea, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, , James Jamerson and others. Students will be presented with exercises designed to help the student execute a variety of techniques including cross string exercises, slap & pop, fingerstyle funk, muting, double stops, double thumping, and more. In addition to the techniques and tunes in the funk style, students will also discover the musical tools used to create walking bass lines, creative solos and learn how to apply these tools to create their own bass lines and solos.

    Each day of class is broken down into four phases.
    1) Learning new material through listening, analyzing, discussion and presentation and hands on application.

    2) Create bass lines with new material. After learning material students have the opportunity to be creative with the information given to them by playing bass lines, solos etc.. with a drum machine and other bassists. Students are given the chance to play grooves and create music with the information they had just learned.

    3) Students have the opportunity to play with a drummer in styles focusing in the funk and fusion genre, although other styles will also be experienced.

    4) Students will get together at the end of the class day and have the opportunity to ask questions, offer feedback and discuss any aspect of the day. This will be the A “Bass Chat” component to the day where students can get answers to any pending questions.

    At times there will be extracurricular time available where I will invite students to play, talk bass and “hang out”.

    This seminar is designed to give the student the tools to become a better bassist and musician and to expand what they already know.

    The emphasis on the seminar will be to enjoy playing the bass and creating music. No pretense, attitude, or inflated egos need apply.

    The focus is on bass community, encouragement, support and the joy of music. Hope to see you there!


    Here is a Bass Summit press release that has recently been distributed:

    National Guitar Workshop Announces 2008 Bass Summit with Steve Bailey and Steve Swallow

    The National Guitar Workshop is proud to announce our 2008 Bass Summit sponsored by Washburn Guitars and Eden Amps. The Bass Summit will feature appearances by Steve Bailey and Steve Swallow


    Litchfield, CT—May 14, 2008 – The National Guitar Workshop (www.guitarworkshop.com) is proud to announce that Washburn Guitars and Eden Amplifiers are sponsoring our 2008 Bass Summit. During the Bass Summit students will get the chance to study with some of The National Guitar Workshop’s premier bass faculty including Dave Overthrow, Tim Ferguson, Jon Coates and Kevin Smith. Washburn and Eden have generously donated a bass guitar and an amplifier to be given away during the week.

    Steve Bailey is widely known as one of the most virtuosic bass players in the world. He has played with everyone from Jethro Tull to Paquito D’Rivera. In 2007, Steve released his latest solo CD entitled “So Low……Solo”, on this CD Steve performs both his original compositions and other inspired classics entirely on one bass with no loops or overdubs.

    The National Guitar Workshop is very excited to present The John Scofield Trio featuring Steve Swallow and Bill Stewart at the Jazz Summit in Connecticut. This will be a rare chance to be a part of an intimate workshop with one of the most respected groups in modern jazz.

    National Guitar Workshop is presenting the following seminars during the 2008 Bass Summit:

    Breaking Down the Wall- New Millennium Bass with Jon Coates

In this seminar, Students will examine styles with the emphasis on the groove of contemporary electric bass. Today's rock music pulls influences from all different styles, such as reggae, hip-hop, jazz and electronica. Take an in-depth look at groups like Pink Floyd, Rage Against the Machine, Squarepusher, Candiria, and the Clash.

    The Versatile Bassist with Kevin Smith

The seminar will give students the tools to create bass lines in a variety of styles. Through basic notational skills and bass tab, students will discover the chord and scale types used in some of the more often played styles in the world of bass playing. Through discussion and playing in class, and playing with a drummer, students will unleash their creativity while putting the tools they learn to use.

    Phat Funk & Fusion Modern Electric Bass with Dave Overthrow (www.daveoverthrow.com) 

This seminar will offer an introspective view on some of the most often used techniques of the modern electric bass in the styles of funk and fusion. The influences of Jaco, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Flea, Bootsy and others will be given consideration. Through listening, discussion and application, students will study topics such as walking bass, playing over chord changes, slap & pop, fingerstyle funk, the importance of the groove and soloing.

    Jazz Bass with Tim Ferguson

Open to acoustic and electric bass students, this course provides an in-depth study of jazz bass styles, repertoire, and techniques. Examining aspects of rhythm, sound, accompanying, and soloing, this course emphasizes creative improvisation and developing the fundamental craft of jazz bass playing.

    NGW features 8 locations nation-wide with campuses in Connecticut, Nashville, Austin, Washington DC, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Each location offers a wide variety of courses, all taught by world renowned musicians.

    For a complete list of dates, locations, guest artists and classes offered please check out our website

    If you have any questions regarding any of these seminars drop me a note. Hope to see you at one of these seminars.

  2. Enden


    May 1, 2006
    Philadelphia, PA
    I just got back from Phat Funk and Fusion....and it was awesome.
  3. SBassman


    Jun 8, 2003
    Northeast, US
    I wish I would get to one of these someday.

    I have Overthrow books. He's a great instructor.
  4. quale213


    Sep 17, 2008
    So I am looking into the funk and fusion seminar in CT, but cannot find any dates or pricing. Does anyone have any idea when and how much those cost? Thanks!!!
  5. You can check out the NGW website and contact them. They'll give you all of the info you need.

  6. quale213


    Sep 17, 2008
    Aww, thank you sir. I have just found the info.
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