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    Can any fellow TB'ers in the San Francisco area recommend a decent luthier/setup person for basic setup-pickup change-refretting? I moved to the bay area about 1 year ago & am still trying to get some connections. I live in Napa by the way so would prefer not go travel to the south bay.

    Thanks a bunch :bassist:
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    May 7, 2003
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    In the City it's Gary Brauer. North of that it's Michael Dolan.

    Michael Dolan Custom Guitars
    3222 Airway Drive #4
    Santa Rosa, CA. 95403

    Closest to home is going to be Rob at Rob's Repair. He is the Fender/SWR tech for the East Bay. You can contact him at 707-746-7337. Rob has a lot of work, so be persistant with contacting him. He mostly works out of his garage in Martinez.

    The tech at Zone Music in Cotati does a good job too.

    I have a couple of friends who are getting quite good at setup and electronics, but do not do it for a living. They are in Benicia. If you want me to talk to them, I'll PM you with contact information.

    Or, I just got a new Peterson VS-II tuner so I can help you with a setup if you would like. I am a spaz at pickups though.