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  1. Wasnt quite sure where to post this thread,MOD's are welcome to move it to its proper place :oops:),

    I was just wondering if i were to purchase a bass from the USA and have it shipped to the UK how much it would cost?.

    If anyone has done this in the past then i would be interested to know what company they used and a rough price guide.

    I am looking at basses at various American guitar stores with prices well below UK prices and also basses that are for sale upon

    Any info would be great..!!!


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    There have been several long threads on here in the past with specific details prices etc I suggest you do a search to find these.

    The two big things are :

    VAT at at least 17.5% is added
    Customs duty and a charge for opening to check is added on top.

    Basically you won't save as much as you think and there is always the chance of damage - have you ever seen the throw stuff on plane!! :eek: In which case you would have to pay to ship back again !

    Best idea is to PM Gard who works in a really good US bass shop and ships from US to Europe all the time!! :)
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    Jan 17, 2003
    i found a bass that was about £80 below the average price in the uk. I then asked how much would the shipping and insurance cost! He says $200 (around £130) Making me pay like 50 notes more and i would have to wait a long time to get it and it might be the wrong thing-active or passive, colour finish. Then you cant send it back without forking more out. I would say that you should stick to uk shops unless your in america at the time. The best site i have seen is in brighton and is called and you get like an overnight delivery for a tenner-bargain!
  4. Thank you for your responses much appreciated,

    It was just an general enquirey because I have seen of Gibson Thunderbird Nikki Six's for sale upon ebay at around $600 or (£450), this bass is like rocking horse droppings in the UK and you cannot get hold of one for love nor money :D , but maybe i shall wait a bit and head for Music Live 2003 in B/ham in Octobre where the Bass Center comes out to play :D,

    Thank you all...
  5. Bruce Lindfield

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    eBay is evil - avoid like the plague!! ;)
  6. Bruce Lindfield

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    Seriously - while I would trust somebody like Gard who has a lot of experience in international shipping and the back-up of a respected bass retailer - I can't imagine that your average eBay seller would want to ship outside the US, when they have lots of potential buyers there and huge hassle to pack something securely enough to get it across the Atlantic - along with knowing about all the rules and regulations.

    I could go on - but I just think that in the UK, it is a really bad idea to buy a bass from a private eBay seller in the US!
  7. CDuff


    Sep 14, 2002
    wow. I was in Dublin only yesterday and saw two of them in one shop. I didn't ask how much they were cause i hate them, but still... there they were.

    don't use E-Bay
  8. I've also seen this site, and was thinking about ordering some stuff from there. Just wondering if anyone, maybe Bruce or someone else who lives down south, had any experience with them?

    Sorry to divert the thread slightly.
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    Ha! I walk past their shop virtually every day and have been in there more tiems than I can count!! ;)

    It's quite a small shop which has loads of guitars and keyboards - many quite high end.

    But it's very disappointing for basses and they only have a small stock of low-end basses - Fenders, Ibanezes, a few Warwick etc .

    So - their basses are actually kept in the corridor between the areas reserved for guitars and keyboards!! :(

    They are nice guys though and I have bought loads of small bits and pieces off them - leads,accessories - and 1 cab! Oh - I also found A Sadowsky outboard pre-amp there - it was used an they didn't know what to charge, so I offered them £50 which was a bit of a bargain I thought!

    But they are nothing like as good as the Bass Centre or Gallery in London. If I want basses or bass amps then I look in the London shops.
  10. I ordered a Ken Smith direct from Ken and he shipped it over to me using UPS. The experience for me was painless and I got an excellent bass.
    I went this route only because Ken Smith had no dealers in the UK at the time.

    As far as costs go I was happy because it still ended up much cheaper than the quote I had from the Bass Centre to get the bass for me and because I dealt direct with Ken I got supurb service and the bass I wanted.

    Costs are as follows,
    Convert $ price to £ including any shipping and insurance.
    add 3.7 % inport duties to the total amount [check this is still correct with customs and excise]
    add 17.5% VAT to get your final figure.

    As a very rough rule of thumb it worked out the same in £ as in $ when I added up the final bill.
    For example if the cost of the bass was $2000 then I would end up paying about £2000 in total [actual figures not used]

    Hope this is of some use to you.


  11. Here i am saying you cant hold of them for love nor money and one appears one Ebay today.. but.. its a standard Thunderbird with a Nikki Sixx signiture on it, I am slighty dubious because i was under the impression the the Nikki Sixx model was the blackbird with black board and ebony model with abolone X fret markers.. *drools* i would very much like to have a Black T-Bird with White Binding and a maple neck.. but can u imagine the costs :eek: Gibson custom shops have never been the cheapest places hehe..

    Anyway thanks for all your help on the shipping question most helpful *thumbs up*....might have to save up a bit more and buy another GB :D...
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    "eBay" and "dubious" always seem to go together somehow.....:meh:
  13. When I bought my Wishnevsky (such folly...but that's another story) I paid $80/£52.50 shipping then VAT, customs, & parcelforce handling charge of £46/$70! The bass and P&P cost me a total of £420/$630 meaning a whole quarter of that was spent on getting it over the atlantic :( I'm now having to send it back because it's uncomfortable and a b#*ch to play :mad: Oh hum
  14. This is a thread hijack,


    Can you show us pictures of your 'Wish' and any review you can give us, a number of people would be interested to hear about it.

    A new thread would be welcome.


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    Feb 17, 2003
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    I shipped a bass to Aberdeenshire in the UK and it cost the buyer $200.00. I shipped it Fed Ex and he received the bass within 5 days. Customs did not put a hold on it, so he got it on the 5th day. I was amazed at how quickly it got there..seems like if you mail a letter it takes months.