Bass Shopping Advice- Reggie Hamilton v. Skyline DJ4 v. G&L L-2000 or SB2 Tribute

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    Aug 18, 2016

    So I'm out looking for a new 4-string bass. Do I NEED one per se for playing in my home office and doing some hobbyist level recording? Probably not (my wife would say definitely not), but I'm feeling the urge and that's that!

    In the running:
    • Lakland Skyline Darryl Jones 4
    • Fender Reggie Hamilton
    • G&L L-2000 Tribute
    • G&L SB-2 (but I haven't played one yet)

    I have personally demoed the first three mentioned and really liked different things about each. For those of you who have played these, what did you like and what didn't you like relative to the other basses?

    I personally found the L-2000 a bit busy for me on the controls, and liked the RH control layout better if I go with something that offers that variety of tone in a P/J setup. I'd like to also try an SB-2 but couldn't find one locally.

    That said, I'm sure I can dial in the L-2000 after some more familiarity.

    The RH I played was in desperate need of a setup, so was hard to get a sense of how it would feel once I set it up, but the tones sounded great.

    The DJ4 felt the best, sounded great. But, while I like the simplicity (which perhaps begs the question of why not a tried and true Fender Jazz bass), I feel like I may miss the versatility of the RH or L-2000.

    In the event it helps with the guidance, I'm primarily a guitarist, but enjoy the bass. On bass, I like vintage sounds the most, like the Meters, but also venture into indie rock/alt country (Wilco, Sturgill Simpson, and others). Oh, and while I feel kind of immature saying this, I loved punk rock when I was a kid and still like that edgier stuff once in awhile. My current bass is an Ibanez SDGR 5-string, which is a good affordable instrument, but I'd like to try something different. I'm not gigging or anything for now, just mostly looking for something to enjoy at home or jamming with friends once in a blue moon.

    Any guidance would be much appreciated. Even if you're just pointing me to older threads I may not have explored yet (though I've seen a few of 'em). I know there's no right answers

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    For me it's all about feel. I can do things to a bass that make it sound different.

    If that DJ felt great in your hands, I would go with that. You can always slap a preamp in it later that will also allow you to do passive and retain its vintage-ey-ness while gaining some versatility.

    But if it doesn't feel great in my hands, I don't care if it sounds like the left hand of God on a 27 foot Steinway, I won't play like me when I'm holding it.
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