Bass stolen along with other gear PHILADELPHIA PA

Discussion in 'Lost & Stolen Gear' started by Kronos, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Kronos


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    Last week our practice place here in Philly was broken into. Luckily, since we had a lot of redundancies built into locking the place up, it was difficult for the perpetrators to get away with a lot of gear. They ended up stealing my bass (Schecter Stiletto Custom 5), my backup guitar (Washburn 7 string) and my guitar player's guitar (6 string Schecter Hellraiser). I've been to every pawn shop around me (I'm in the far northeast, there's not a lot of them here), and I've scoured all the online sites looking for people who are selling them to no avail. Filed a police report the day of, but I know that usually doesn't amount to anything.

    Here's the defining characteristics of my bass...It was the satin clear finish model that has the flame maple top and mahogany back with a dark accent line, satin gold hardware. The finish is worn off and slightly gouged between the pickups from playing. There is a dark knot in the maple on the back of the neck between the stringers, I'd say about where the 6th fret is. There's some dents on the lower back under the arm rest that was made by a heavy chain. You can see the pattern of it. I also installed a 9 volt battery clip inside the cavity.

    The 7 string washburn was a cheapo model, metallic red, hadn't been played in forever so there might be rusty strings/bowed neck.

    My guitarist's guitar was satin black with bat inlays. The back of the guitar had buckle rash. Guitar also has the Zakk Wylde pickup kit installed, which it normally doesn't come with. Look for amateur solder points (I did the work). Sometimes only one pickup gives you output.

    I know I haven't posted here in forever, but whatever help you guys could offer, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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    Keep looking, they're going to sit on it a while until the heat cool down. That suck man hope you catch them.
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    By any chance is your practice space or the building it is in insured? If so start a claim ASAP. So get a copy of the police report. And, if you file an itemized tax return you may be able to deduct your losses. Check with an accountant, tax advisor or lawyer. Good luck! Good side- such as it is - is you can get some new gear.
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    I am in Philly and will keep an eye out for your gear. For that reason, I keep my stuff with me. I had a guitar stolen, and found it 2 years later in a pawn shop. You may also want to check at Guitar Center, Sam Ash and Cintioli's. They may try to trade your stuff to get new gear. My friend who owns Bass Specialties found a bass that was stolen from him at one of those stores.
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    Any luck on this? I'm an hour north of the city and I'm keeping my eyes peeled....Sorry to hear this happened.
  8. I'm in DC, a few hours south, but you never know. I'll check CL and the local stores