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  1. I play a 35" scale 5 string tuned to GCGCF, currently strung with a 130 set. I am aware of circle k strings, however they are not compatible with my bass's string thru body bridge. I am looking for something with possibly a 160, 125, 95, etc
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    Is there an option to top load? Subcontra strings through body is going to be difficult. A 5 string bass with string through body only is a bad design.

    Consider: what's the distance from saddle to ball end? If the ball ends are anchored deep in the body that distance may not be much longer than top loading, so you may still be able to use a taperwound string and have the taper on the saddle. However CKS' taper is super short so check out Conklin Snakeskins .165 or Pyramid .160:

    Also consider if your string holes are wide enough to pass a .160 through.

    For the minimum practical tension of 30 pounds, extra light, you need at least a .160.
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    Quite a quandry. You can't use standard tapered strings, but most strings that big have to be tapered. No option to top load?
  4. There is. I'd rather go with the string thru, but maybe i should suck it up and go circle k with the top load
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    If you do you'll want to build your set from one single and a 4 string drop tune set - you do a double drop.

    I'd suggest a single .174 and a drop tune 4 string .130 set.