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Bass strings to produce lots of lows.

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by CrawlingEye, May 10, 2001.

  1. CrawlingEye

    CrawlingEye Member

    Mar 20, 2001
    Easton, Pennsylvania
    I'm looking for bass strings that can get lots of clear lows, but still can sound good for slap. I've been using GHS brite-flats wihch have worked fine for me, the only problem is that when I try to slap with them, they're WAY too mellow for slap. I like the fact that they're mellow though... I guess I'm looking for a compromise?

    Any suggestions?
  2. RockinRookie


    Apr 7, 2001
    They're the only ones ive ever really used, so im no expert, but i know when i tune in Drop d, and turn the Bass Eq knob all the way up, My DR stainless steel Low Riders really get the lows down. If ya know what i mean.,, course i dont even know how to slap.
  3. seamus


    Feb 8, 2001
    Lo Riders are good for what you described.

    Stainless, clear sound, slap pretty well, and they emphasize the lower frequencies.
  4. CrawlingEye

    CrawlingEye Member

    Mar 20, 2001
    Easton, Pennsylvania
    hmmm... thanks... It's kinda odd what I'm looking for. See I play with low action and generally small strings (to get my perfered feel).

    Although I want to get lots of lows, but not totally kill my highs, yah know? I don't wanna be like clicking away, but I don't want to have no treble what-so-ever.

    As I stated before, I'm looking for a compromise.
  5. seamus


    Feb 8, 2001
    I don't think you would be disappointed with the Lo Riders. They are good strings by any standards.

    They have a clear sound(stainless), great low frequencies, good balance, and they are not too rough on the fingers for a stainless roundwound.

    One thing I might mention is they seem slightly higher in tension than most other strings, especially when you first put them on. I like the high tension though because I play a very low action. The tension keeps my attack balanced whether I am playing fast, slow, or agressive. They sound good for slap too, a classic funk sound IMO(a tweeter makes all the difference here as well though).

    When they first go on, they will feel a little stiff. After a day or so, they break in and play very nice.
  6. CrawlingEye

    CrawlingEye Member

    Mar 20, 2001
    Easton, Pennsylvania
    Sounds good.

    But, what's their specific name? Like if I were to goto juststrings.com and type in "Lo Riders" would I get them?
  7. Oysterman


    Mar 30, 2000
    DR Lo Riders, that's their name.
  8. Angus

    Angus Supporting Member

    Apr 16, 2000
    Palo Alto, CA
  9. another vote for lo-riders
  10. Flatwound

    Flatwound Supporting Member

    Sep 9, 2000
    San Diego
    Lo-Riders are excellent strings. I prefer Dean Markley Blue Steels, which seem to have less "personality" than Lo-Riders, which can be a good thing. Very clean, very even-sounding. I've heard that they have a short life, but mine are almost a month old, and sound great. YMMV, of course.
  11. CrawlingEye

    CrawlingEye Member

    Mar 20, 2001
    Easton, Pennsylvania
    Thanks for the idea, Flatwound... but I've already used Blue Steels, they sound alright to me... Nothing spectacular. I think I'll try the Lo Riders. They sound like they could be what I'm looking for.

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