Bass Stuff Fender Line 6 Ampeg

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  1. Ampeg BSe410H cab and B2R head.Cab had horn and attenuator pad.Sounds really sweet.B2R has 3 band eq,9 band graphic, Speakon inputs.Crank over 350 watts.Never turned more than 1/3 volume.Awesome Ampeg tone.Still over 3 years left on warranty. $800

    New Bass Pod Pro.Never eally used.Sitting in box with all packing material. $400 obo

    Fender MIA Precision-Inca silver.Rosewood board.Upgraded white pearl pickguard.Pics on my email.Sounds awesome.Gig bag. $550 obo

    Email for pics.I have some laying around.Nice gear,never use.Thanks Will.
  2. Here's some bad pics I took on my camera phone.Getting better ones soon.


  3. Bass Pod is now $375 plus shipping.Brand new!! Get it now!!
    Ampeg halfstack is $750.. Great price for a sweet rig.
    Fender is $525 plus shipping.Take this baby away...
  4. elgranluis


    Feb 14, 2003
    El paso, TX
    how much for the cab alone?
  5. Would like to get $350.. Looks brand new.. No dings or anything.
  6. Trade the Ampeg halfstack for a used Stingray or Sterling or Skyline plus a little cash...
  7. P Bass and Bass Pod gone.Halfstack anyone?
  8. -Kramer-


    Dec 9, 2003
    Charlotte, NC
    how much for just the head? willing to ship?
  9. Don't really wanna ship.But, if I had to,want to get $400 for it.It still has three years left on warranty.And for $400 plus shipping,I'll throw in a 8 space rack case.
  10. Trade halfstack for Stingray,Stingray 5,Sterling,Skyline or for a Fender MIJ 75 with cash.....