Bass/synth rig dilemma

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  1. I'm looking into making my rig useable for both synth and bass. Currently I'm running a Peavey Classic 400 into an 810 and an Ampeg V4 into an Ampeg V2 412 with upgraded speakers, in a doomy project. Volume and low end are very crucial, but I'm mainly playing bass vi and keys/noise. I'm considering picking up 2 of the Carvin LS1503's that were really popular here a couple of years back and running them with a Fender PA 100 or similar. What other suggestions do you guys have? Obviously I'll run through the PA live for the most part, but we play a lot of house shows and smaller venues where PA support isn't adequate.
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    Dec 29, 2012
    What's the problem with your current rig?
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  3. It's not going deep enough on the low sweeps. I can't tell if it's because of the EQ or what, but it's definitely lacking low end compared the sound in a PA. I want to get that low end back with the same amount of tube grit I'm currently getting.

    EDIT: A little more accurately, it just doesn't full as full range? I like how the highs get tamed/warmed up but it seems to lose some bass response with that warmth that I'd like to have back. I've also noticed that using a really clean sounding reverb makes the whole thing pop a little better?
  4. Run both your signals in to your Classic 400. Replace your cab.

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    Feb 25, 2007
    You have a very colored sounding rig with lots of cone area, fairly little power and insufficient transducers to reproduce synth bass in a convincing way. If you really plan to do this, I would suggest half a small club PA for you; a capable 18" sub, a 2x12" top (ie. JBL SRX), active crossover and one kW per box, minimum. Much lighter load in and load out is an extra benefit,
  6. That's definitely one idea that I've been considering. I do really like the tone of the V4/V2 rig for the bass VI though.
    I really like how colored it is, but this seems like the way to go from everything I've read. Could two of those Carvin's (3 way 15's) with a power amp and tube preamp do the same thing? I'm trying to keep costs pretty low as well. Or if I just switch the cabs and use the Classic 400 for it?
  7. He has a 400 watt tube amp, not insufficient in power at all. Especially when pushed in to color.
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    Feb 25, 2007

    If the task is to reproduce fat bass synths full range at stage levels (please note the section in italics), a 400W tube anp does not seem like the obvious place to start.
    I knpow exactly how early the 300W SVT + 810 runs out of steam in order to reproduce a five string bass cleanly.

    OP is also already looking at more HiFi and transparent gear.
  9. Would definitely like to clarify that colored/limited is a pretty "good" thing for me. I want the color of my amps preamp for sure, it's just the actual reproduction by the cabs that's lacking. Synth is mainly used as a mid lead/noise deal in this project and the guitars and bass are tuned so low that trying to play bass lines will just muddy everything. Also one of the outs from the mixer in my noise/synth rig always goes to the house PA. I guess my question is mainly if I'm trying to do this on the cheap is a 3 way PA cab a good way to have a modular rig that can be used for multiple applications? Would it be easier to build this with a poweramp and tube pre of my choice? This whole deal is a pretty long way off financially, but I just want something that can be mind numbingly loud and versatile.

  10. You're too much. I know exactly how loud that rig gets. Louder than just about any stage will let you play.
  11. Yeah... I play in some ridiculously loud bands and I don't think I could get an SVT to give out.
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    It sounds like you need a powered subwoofer at the very least.
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    I agree - get one ls1503 or something similar for a top, and add a sub to get the full lows out.
    Or "try" a different amp, something made for a "bass" guitar many not have enough bandwidth for a good synth.
    A regular power amp may make a difference.
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    400 watts actually isn't a lot when you are trying to reproduce a 35hz sine wave. The cabs being used won't put out that frequency either. I agree with the idea of cabs that will handle it followed by more power.
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    The current rig sure can be very loud, "nicely colored" and look impressive. From a technical POV, it provides loads of upper bass, mids and some very uneven and peaky highs. Hence my suggestion to look at a flatter, cleaner and high power modular rig. The Carvins + sub(s) would be a good start, IMO.
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  16. Okay, I think the top+sub rig is definitely something I'm going for. A poweramp will definitely come next
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