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bass synthesizer?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Wes I AM, Dec 5, 2000.

  1. Wes I AM

    Wes I AM

    May 27, 2000
    Tampa, FL
    hey guys and dolls.. what the heck is a bass synthesizer and what does it sound like? or, how does it change normal fingered bass notes? anyone kn0w?
  2. i have a ehx micro bass synth and i love it
    you can check out sound samples at http://www.ehx.com
    as far as sounds go its had to say because it gives so many my favorites would be setting it to make my bass sound like its in a cardboard box, or evil distortion, or probally my favorite is how you can make the strings sound a mile long when you do a slide, of course moving the controls after you hit a note is quite interesting
  3. There are several pedals that have been called Bass synthisizers, Electro Harmonix, Korg and Maestro, but they aren't truly synthesizers but they are lots of fun, I have one of the EH Bass MicroSynth that is a blast. . There have also been several attempts to make a true bass guitar controlled synthesizer and or a bass guitar midi controller or pickup, Roland, Hagstrom and Peavey has made 2 models using the Steve Chick designed system, Yamaha has been working on their system but it has only been in the hands or pro players. The problem with bass is that the actual string vibration is so slow that tracking it accurately as to pitch and envelope are almost impossible. The concept of doubling or changing what you are playing on a bass into a flute, sax or other sound is great but the reality is that technology isn't there yet.

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