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  1. Ok, i bought my first bass in May this year and because i didn't have enough money for it by myself, i bought it to share with my mate. I want to get lessons and good ones at that. But I can't find ANY - none! Please help me, I don't really care what the price of lessons is, but I do care that I can't play with any real skill yet. Stay cool. and thanks.
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    Jan 27, 2002
    Sydney, Australia
    Ring this number: (02) 9550 4048
    or email:
    go to this website:

    I dont shop anywhere except this shop.
    Its maybe half an hour from you.
    Apparently the teacher there has graduated from berklee. I used to have lessons there but with a different teacher.
    The shop has a very good reputation so i dont think they would want to spoil it by having a **** teacher teach there. Also the owner of the shop, Karl, is a very good bloke.
  3. For what it's worth. There is a bassist by the name of Libby Bee that does the Libster web site ( She says that she is a teacher in Sydney. There is some contact information on the web site.
  4. I second the Bassplayer. A very good shop, with good teachers too I would imagine.
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    I want to go to that shop so bad, if only i didnt live 9 hours away :mad: :(