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bass tone help..... please read

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by sbbassslapper, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. I'm looking to get a wireless system, and if i get the one that i plan on getting, the uhf, guitar bug.. i forget who makes it, but it seems reliable and affordable for 200 cash.... but what i'm looking at is that i was told that i wouldn't be able to use my hartke bass attack pedal with the wireless system.... and i'm thinking thats kind of the heart of my tone.... which may seem kind of sad... but it helped my ampeg sound so much thats its not even funny... to give you an idea of the sound i'm looking for listen to our stuff.... if you don't like medal just listen to it for the bass..... its better then the guitar lol j/k atleast some people think so but, go to My band and check out the 2 tracks that are on there to get an idea of my tone so far.... my goal is to have a mix of a bass tone thats like me, but cuts through like Fieldy's(korn), Tobin Esperance(Papa Roach), and Mark Klepaski(Breaking Benjamin) i'm trying to get a feel for my sound still, as u can tell on the recordings, but can you let me know what i should get that will let me mold my sound to similiar to what i have now, but also as (i'm not really sure the of the words that describe my sound.... ) but i'd like to think it cuts through well, and i like harmonics in my sound, not just deep bass.... any help would be great.... the recordings aren't the best, but were a band thats been playing for a year..... been doing local shows and getting nice responses so far.... have a nice following, but i'm just asking for words of wisdom from the veterens, because i know i have a long way to go before i get as decent as you guys are.

    SORRY FOR THE BOOK! :hyper:
  2. AKG

    Who told you that? There's no reason I could think of why that would be the case.
  3. wouldn't the wireless piece just plug into the input 1/2 on the pedal itself, and i could just set it on top of my amp, so that its out of the way?!?!?!? It was a girl that told me that, but she was willing to come down on the price for me, if i would buy it from her.... other question is the akg wireless bug worth it?
  4. xan


    Sep 10, 2004
    Perth, Australia
    EDIT: **disregard this post** - xan

    the reason i think she said that you couldnt use it with the bass attack is because that pedal has DI capability. but surely you could just use the 1/4" output for your wireless connection?
  5. wait wait wait... :meh: confusion abounds here.

    The Guitar Bug itself is a transmitter. You plug it directly into your guitars output socket. The wireless receiver sits wherever you want it to sit. A wireless system should not hinder the operation of any device in your system. All that it does is replace the cable between your guitar and the first device in your signal chain.
  6. xan


    Sep 10, 2004
    Perth, Australia
    Right of course. Sorry I must have had a brain melt. Like nifty says, the transmitter should go on your bass - i mean thats the entire point of a wireless system.

    that being the case, there is no reason a wireless system would affect your pedals, at least not any i am aware of.

    **thanks for the polite correction nifty :) **

  7. A somewhat related question; would it bring about crazy tone suckage to have *2* wireless systems in a chain?
    i.e. be able to move around a pedal board without losing connections... :eyebrow:

    that way you could move to wherever a power outlet could be...without the restraints of your loop cords