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  1. I have been playing bass off and on for several years now, but on borrowed basses. I got into playing more or less by accident so I haven't done much homework on the different types of basses. I was given a Squire Bullet Bass, (ok, I've read the posts so lets not go there) and have a question about the different types of basses. So, what is the difference between a P-bass and a J-bass? Also, in the 4-string basses, is there a difference in the necks?
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    The main differences between a Precision bass and a Jazz bass:

    P has one split coil humbucker, J has two single coils.

    P has one volume and one tone control, J has 2 volumes and one tone.

    P neck is wider at the nut than a J neck.

    P neck has a chunkier profile(front to back thickness) than a J neck.

    P body is smaller and lighter than a J body.

    J body has an offset waist, P does not

    P has a one piece pickguard/control cavity cover, J has a separate pickguard and metal control cavity cover.

    J is capable of more tonal variety than a P, due to the fact that it has two pickups.

    P does not have any hum, unless you are in a room with really bad interference or bad electrical outlets.

    J pickups will usually hum if soloed, due to their single coil design.

    J pickups are capable of more high mids and highs, again due to their single coil design.

    J can sound kind of like a P, but not exactly.

    P can not sound like a J.

    Here are pictures to help you see some of the differences.

    Precision Bass


    Jazz Bass

  3. Thanks to embellisher, that was probably the best explanation I could have gotten. Who says your'e an "unhelpful jerk"? By the way, my bass will actually stay in tune for about a week and a half - unless it rains.