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Bass upkeep?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by mebusdriver, May 24, 2003.

  1. Since I'm purchasing a brand new bass I would like to keep it sounding and looking nice. So would the best thing to do buy one of those Boss oil kits with all the polish and stuff? Or are there some top of the line especially nice polishes, oils, and what not? Thanks.
  2. Rosewood, ebony, or other unfinished fingerboard-- a few drops of lemon oil (Old English is fine and easy to find) on a cloth a couple times a year; spread it out so it hits the whole board, let it sit for a few minutes, then buff off the excess. (If it's a finished maple board-- see below). When you change strings, if you want to keep your frets nice and shiny, use masking tape on both sides of every fret, then lightly buff each fret with some 0000 steel wool. (You should also tape off your pickups since they'll attract the steel wool dust). This will take a while, since you don't want to leave anything unprotected, and it's really just cosmetic, so don't do it unless you take the time to tape everything off. The rest of the bass, assuming it's a modern poly/plastic finish (if not, see above re. lemon oil), just a few drops of water on a cloth to wipe off any fingerprints, beer spills, etc. and then buff dry with a dry section of the cloth. Use nothing but soft, 100% cotton (cloth diapers work great). For fine surface scratching or hazing on a hard poly finish, some Meguiar's #7 (car polish-- trust me-- it's recommended by the best luthier on the planet), following the instructions on the bottle.

    Chrome or other metal plating should shine up with a dry cloth; a drop of water on the cloth for those stubborn deposits you just can't identify.

    Don't waste money on corporate snake oil. This is just basic hygiene...
  3. Almost forgot-- Novus plastic polish for surface scratching/hazing on plastic pickguards or other gloss plastic parts.