Bass used on the White Album?

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  1. What bass(es) did Sir Paul use to record the White Album, and more specifically "Birthday"? The tone is godly!

    I know that the BP interview with Geoff Emerick indicated that Paul always used a miked amp and a buttload of compression. I know that Sir Paul played his Rick and his Jazz Bass a lot at this time, but that other instruments were used on occasion.
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    Mar 3, 2000
    i always thought Paul went straight into the board and added compression there...and i think those were the two basses used, even though there's mention of a fender VI somewhere...
  3. Hey, I'm just going by what the engineer said, and I'm sure he'd remember better than the infamously gear-apathetic McCartney would.

    This is a recording diary of a band called the Spent Poets that put out an album back in the early 90's (two of the members of the Spent Poets are closely tied to Primus, that's how I found out about them). Near the bottom of this entry is a discussion of Paul's White album tone. The whole diary is a really interesting read.. it's not entirely online yet though.
  5. Ween's white album? It's a P-bass.
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  7. ...don't like Ween?
  8. Not in a Beatles discussion.