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Bass valuation

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by DRJAZZ, Apr 22, 2001.



    Apr 22, 2001
    My Father in Law is becoming elderly. Due to health problems he
    is unable to play his bass. He is considering selling and requested
    I, also a musician, do research. Canada is a small market.
    As I know one ochestral musican that retired, sold his bass to someone
    locally who immediatley flipped it over in the States for profit in excess
    of $20,000 Can., I thought it wise to invite the bass community to respond.

    The bass in Question is.......

    1954 Couenon....Mirecourt.....France.....model is "Nanny for Solo"

    Well cared for.... used in the Central band of the Canadian armed forces
    stage show for years, then with orchestras, chamber music for

    Being a musician, I appreciate how tentative it is to evalute an instrument
    sight unseen. Neverless, if anyone can contribute to our thinking on
    this it would be appreciated. I would expecially like to hear from a
    working orchestral bass player or two.
  2. Hi Dr Jazz !

    As you already mentioned, the evaluation is difficult but also timeconsuming...

    The attributation definetly is one major point. Is the instrument marked (branded) and who
    stands behind it ? There are many guessings and beliefs around, nothing strange as
    even experts are "discussing" well known facts...

    If your father in laws bass is correctly attributed (branded) I would take a few good pictures
    and post to various dealers. Also do my own research on the web.

    A wellknown dealer can sell for higher prices than most "users" as he can provide with
    service, repair, comparing to other basses etc...
    He can likely also make the instrument play at it´s best thrue proper adjustment.
    And also in some cases refinish the instrument !

    IMHO simply post a few good pictures and the research for evaluation has begun.

    Be aware, the closest and most likely the marketprice can only be established
    thrue hearing the instrument.

    Why not also send a email to major dealers and ask if they take instruments on commission ?
    Get more oppinions than one !
    Thrue this question and communication you will be able to find out more about it´s value.

    Kind regards
  3. Bass Boy

    Bass Boy Supporting Member

    Dr Jazz, where in Canada are you located? You could take it to a good string shop and get it appraised. If you live in Ontario you could go to Heinl. In Quebec Mario LaMarre or Forget are good choices. If you can get to New York , David Gages shop.
  4. Don Higdon

    Don Higdon In Memoriam

    Dec 11, 1999
    Princeton Junction, NJ
    An appraisal by a competent luthier should be $125 - 175 (US). When you consider what's at stake, and how strong you can be in a negotiation, it's a small cost.

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