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  1. cap

    cap Guest

    Aug 8, 2001
    Hickam Hawaii
    I own a Washburn XB-100 and i just wanted to know what the more experienced bassists think of this guitar.....i have been playin bass for bout 1 month and was also wonderin if bassist are in high demand in other places (i live in honolulu) because when i first started learning lots of people came up to me asking me to be in their band and that i was the only bassist that they knew of but....thats all i have
    thanks to those who reply

  2. Rich Briere

    Rich Briere Guest

    Jul 5, 2000
    You've already discovered one of the most important things about being a bass player....we're in the miority. :^>)

    Some of the other things that you'll find about bass players re these:

    We're always the best looking person in the band; we always get the nicest looking audience members oogling over us; after just 2 or 3 bands we own an entire PA cause we're always the last to give up, or matter how fruitless the situation has become.

    Regarding your bass, it doesn't matter what's on the headstock--as long as you really like it. :^>)

    Bass-ically Yours,
    Rich Briere