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    Dec 7, 2003
    South Italy
    Dear Chris,

    I didn't know where to add this post!!

    But, as you know, in COPENHAGEN (Denmark) there's in August an important Convention with a lot of events.

    If there's someone who is interested in, please contact this Link:

    My best regards and I'm sorry if I've made a mistake (change the place or delete the post)

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    Hi Vito - I've moved this to "Miscellaneous" since it's bass related, but I notice your link isn't working at the moment. Can you try to correct it?
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    Dec 7, 2003
    South Italy
    BASS2012 COPENHAGEN - Welcome

    Dear Chris,
    the link is this one. I think now it works!!!

    Regards Vito
  4. I wrote some stuff about train travelling with a bass through Germany (and from Hamburg to Copenhagen to BASS2012).
    It is the officially the inofficial guide to train travel to BASS2012, since I always stayed in contact with the BASS2012 organization.
    Traveling with a bass by train is risky but generally possible. The main problem is the lack of space (specially in ICE trains) and you cannot make reservations for the bass in any train.
    If you can go there by car, ship or plane this should generally be preferred.

    You can visit my hints at in german and english language.

    Since this is my old server at home, it might crash while I'm on vacation. So if you need the information, better download the files.

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    Shouldn't this event get a mention on the "Basses" section? It doesn't seem like anyone has noticed it here in "Misc". I think it deserves a bit more airplay. Since there will be lots of luthiers there, can't we at least put up something on "Setup"?
  6. Bruce Lindfield

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    Yup - looks very interesting - I would love to go, but have used up my budget on Jazz Summerschool in August!

    Lots of famous names in the artists list and one person that I actually know - Simon Woolf who is a great Jazz pro and local teacher! :)