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Discussion in 'Feedback Forum' started by cheezewiz, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. cheezewiz

    cheezewiz Supporting Member

    Mar 27, 2002
    Bassart advertised his Mesa M2000 for trade. I had an EBS Fafner I was willing to trade since I had been wanting a Mesa.
    We came to an agreement to swap amplifiers.

    Bassart insisted on shipping Fedex, which although it was much more difficult for me to use rather than UPS, I agreed on.

    I shipped my Fafner to him, he shipped his Mesa to me. We both received the amplifiers on the same day. The Mesa was well packed, and was just as advertised. I loved the way it sounded and was very happy with the deal. Bassart emailed me and advised he got the Fafner, it powered up, the fan was dead quiet as he had hoped, and all was well with the deal.

    Later that evening, he called me at home, and said the Fafner did not work (despite his email earlier in the day).
    He insinuated I sent him a broken amp by saying "Scouts honor you used the amp for a gig Saturday?" I assured him that I had, and that the amp was in excellent condition when it left my house. I assured Bassart I would do whatever it took to make the deal right.

    We exchanged MANY emails over the next several days. Bassart thought maybe the problem was with the speakon cables he was using. He advised me that he was buying some new cables, and he felt that would probably be the solution. He further said, if it wasn't, he would take care of any minor fix, but would appreciate my help if it was something major. Again, I agreed.

    Several days later, Bassart called my wife while I was at work, and said that the amplifier was broken, and he wanted to trade back. I called him and he said that his repair shop was out of business, so he wouldn't be getting it fixed, and he just wanted to reverse the deal. I agreed to do this, even though I'd be taking a hit shipping, and end up with nothing but a broken amplifier in return. I advised Bassart I would be making a claim with Fedex, since it allegedly got damaged in shipping. He then advised me HIS BOSS had thrown away all the packing material and the boxing I had sent the Fafner in. This ruined my chances of recovering any damage from Fedex, if the amp was indeed damaged in shipping.

    I shipped the Mesa back to Bassart, in the same packing and box he sent it to me in (stay tuned because he'll be posting that he's upset about the way it was returned to him). He shipped the Fafner back to me.

    I tried the Fafner up reciept, and found it was indeed broken. I emailed the authorized EBS repair center in the US, and described the symptoms to the tech. I was advised that it was UNLIKELY that the amplifier was damaged in shipping, and more likely that a bad cable or speaker was hooked up to the amp, causing a problem in the power section. See above where bassart thought maybe one of his cables caused the problem.

    Bottom line, I was out shipping 4 ways (to/from Bassart, then to from/repair), the cost of a repair, and the cost of borrowing or getting other gear to use in the meantime. I recieved nothing in return other than a broken amplifier that was fine when I sent it, and a negative feedback from bassart.

    I did each and every thing Bassart asked me to do to make the deal right. I certainly did show bassart who I was, as he did me.
  2. Bassart1

    Bassart1 Guest

    Jun 26, 2003
    1. Received Fafner at work. Plugged in to test (without speakers) It turned on and fan was quiet. Packaging was thrown away because there was no shipping damage to box or contents. I never sign for damaged packages.

    1b. There would have been no case for damage claims anyway, and I have photo's that would bear this out.

    1c. Though I prefer FedEx for obvious reasons, I certainly did not "insist". And if I had "insisted" he could certainly of said "forget it". We are grown men here, correct?

    2. At home that evening plugged amp in using 2 brand new Speakon to Speakon Horizon cables to my EA VL-208 cabs.
    Get hum but no sound. Lights on - but nobody home.

    3. Call Cheezwiz - ask if there is anything I should know.
    Say's no, it worked on Saturday. Ok. I assume it must be cables. Friday night I check those cables and my speakers with SWR 350 chrome borrowed from a friend and all check out fine with that amp. Hope fades fast.

    4. Saturday, get Speakon to 1/4" cables from Sam Ash and these don't work either. Look into my old standby repair service Mid-Town, only to find out they are no longer open Saturday's and limiting the repairs they take in. (Found this out thru their phone message. Call wife of Cheezwiz to say we may need to undo deal and to have him call me.
    I proceed to another dealer I trust, (Minstrel Music) and it's
    his opinion the output array is cooked. His opinion is that whatever part was about to crap out, simply decided to crap out on my watch. Ok.
    Talk to Cheezewiz about just returning problematic amp and getting my non-problematic amp back. Say's ok.
    Calls back later offering to purchase the Mesa and I tell him I'd be more comfortable with a return. Ok.

    5. I carefully (I have pictures) pack and ship Fafner back to him as well as include the 1/4" to Speakon cables purchased on Saturday.

    6. I receive the Mesa back with a sadly mangled rack ear(still rackable though, thank god) and packaged in a manner that made it a miracle it came back at all. ( It was originally packed double boxed and positioned vertically and diagonally in a 18x18x24 box) It came back in the same box positioned flat so that the amp poked out of the box.

    The rack ear corner looks like it was mangled with vice grips.

    7. I've been plugging in amps for 30+ years with no problems.

    8. End of story.

    As always, your mileage may vary.


    Keep in mind, the return was the right thing to do and had the positions been reversed I'd have done the same.

    Also, the expense incurred for shipping was the same for both parties. As for repair/shipping cost. I didn't ship a D.O.A.

    I take exception to the "careless" packing and resulting cosmetic defacing of the Mesa, hence the negative review.

    It's also amazing to me how many witnesses there were to this transaction. ;)

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  3. cheezewiz

    cheezewiz Supporting Member

    Mar 27, 2002
    I DID not damage the rack ears intentionally. When I received the mesa, I racked it. When I returned it, I unracked it. It may have received a mark or two during this process, I don't really know. I'm not anal enough to care about small scratches on rack ears on MY OWN amplifiers.
    The amp was returned in the same box I got it in. The amp was layed kind of "diagonal" to make it fit. If it shifted in shipping, then the box could have been "streched". Bassarts attempt to make me look bad after I bent over backwards to make him happy in this deal is offensive, and downright wrong.
    Implying I intentionally damaged the Mesa is borderline slanderous.

    Your accusation I sent you a DOA amp is also borderline slanderous. One of the "so many witnesses" you reference saw and heard the amp in working order just prior to me shipping it to you.

    Lets look at the bottom line Bob. I traded you an amp that you, in all likelyhood, broke with a faulty cable. Despite this, I still bent over backwards to make you happy. You have basically accused me of dishonesty at every turn in this deal, constantly emailing for tracking numbers. etc. If any of you choose to deal with Bob, expect around 5 emails per day wanting updated statuses. Anyone who deals with Bassart1 is certainly doing so at their own risk. You can expect, no matter what you do, he will not be happy with the deal. Are you sure YOU didn't take a vise grip to that rack ear in an attempt to make yourself look better? It wasnt shipped back to you that way. Your beef is with UPS.