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  1. Is the USA made version of this pedal true bypass, if not how bad does it suck tone?

    please don't say do a seach because I don't have the time to sift through all the results.

    Thanks a lot. :cool:
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    Hmmm...that's a good thing to say if you'd like no response around here.

  3. For what it's worth, it took me about 90 seconds to discover that the USA reissues are true bypass, and the more recent russian models are also true bypass.

    ...but you'll wait hours or even days for someone to reply?! C'mon man, you've gotta admit that's just lame! If you don't want to use this fantastic resource properly, then don't visit. Somehow I knew you were 16 years old even before I looked at your profile.
  4. Nifty Dog, I had more trouble finding a clear answer with the search function than I guess you did. Thank you for including the answer to my question before flaming me (and my age) thats more than the other reply did. I'm kind of confused about what my age has to do with anything though. Any other day I would have spent more time searching but tomorrow I've got a paper due. By the way I got my first response in 20 min and yours (with the answer) in under 2 hrs (no days here).
  5. Well, more practise at that advanced search function is in order. While I may have had a cheap shot at you, the fact is I was trying to direct you to a feature that would have found your answer in less time than it took to post the question.

    Still, it's no excuse for the lameness of the EH website, BTW! (You guys watching this forum?!?)

    Sorry about the flame, but you'll find yourself in my shoes one day and you'll appreciate the ability to sniff out a teenager on a forum at 10 paces! Has your grandfather ever muttered "Bah, the youth of today... [insert Poppy's gripe here]"? He knows what I mean, ask him about it! :smug:

    It's nothing personal, ok, I was 16 once too! It's just that for some intangible reason you guys reveal your age - even if you only post a couple of sentences - and it's kinda fun to "train spot" you guys around here. Peace.
  6. its cool no harm done. :D
    The EH website is quite awful. :scowl:

    And yes shorter attension spans will be the fall of western civilization.