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Bassdriver & Stingray

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by ImNotGeddyLee, Apr 19, 2002.

  1. im not sure why but after fooling around with my fulltone with my stingray i have really noticed the lack of tone in the bassdriver. Im not sure what it is but it just doesnt have the growl it did with my ampeg... maybe its the active vs passive electronics. Then again my amp and speakers are really starting to go and will be replaced when i start gigging again so maybe its just my amp thats losing its bite.
    Also, i LOVE the way the fulltone sounds with the comp-cut pulled up (is that on or off) but when i click the boost its just TOO LOUD. it definetly hurts my amp and speakers when i use the boost at any level with the comp-cut up... would a simple compressor after the fulltone fix this problem.
  2. Depends, a rack compressor/limiter could be very useful for you, gain reduction is what you actually need (i.e. keeping volume consistant but can make the signal louder) but after most gain reduction you loose a ton of your tone, especially your highs and lows. So you'de need to get another eq to regain those vital frequencies that retain the fundamentals lost in the process, etc ... until you get caught up in a vicious cycle. Granted you'll want to step up to a —big boy rig— ( :rolleyes: ) some day and should probably replace the one you have now if it's bothering you, but either way it's always useful/nice to have a compressor on hand.
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