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Basses in NYC shops/Rex Bass/Fender acoustic

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by BassicRob, Apr 16, 2001.

  1. BassicRob


    Mar 28, 2001
    Massapequa, NY
    So I went on my little window shopping trip into NYC today, stopping at NY Guitar and Bass Boutique, Rudy's Music, 48th St. Guitars, Sam Ash, and Manny's.

    NY Guitar and Bass had a lot of cool toys. Used Fenders from the 70s, Zon's, Warwicks, and a nice used Rickenbacker as well as a few other goodies, but no Spectors. Apparently one of the guys there winds his own pups and preamps and tied out two Fenders with the mod. Not a bad sound, but the priece was a bit expensive for dealing with an individual like that. $325 for the preamp and $125 for each pup if i remember correctly. Sounded great though. But every bass in there was in charm in is own sense, and none were cheap!

    I went to Rudy's and they had alot of cool toys. Warwicks, Fenders, Ricks, Fernandez, G&L, among others, but still no Spectors. They had the DiMarzio DP149s I was looking for so I bought them and continued on to their repair shop next door (nice little place), Manny's and Sam Ash.

    Played one of the 2 Rex basses (had to have my Spector fix) there and i loved the feel...of the neck anyways. I didnt have the prob I sometimes have with the Czechs where I'd lose the G off the edge of the fret board, and the string spacing and whatnot was perfect. Was very please, but the body was slighly weird, but wouldn't stop me fom buying it. KUDOS to Spector again! I didn't play through an amp so I couldn't tell you how it sounded though.

    Another goodie I found in SamAsh was a Fender BG29 acoustic I think it was. Sounded really great and was fairly cheap ($529ish). Kinda gives me GAS playing it so had to put it down after a half hour or so. Anyone know about this model? Resonation was excellent, not muddy or drowned out at all, but very pronounced. Could this be my next bass....? Need money first :( (I do accept donations :) )

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