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Basses In The Wild!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by paddydaddyo, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. I have seen a bunch of threads with personal bass collections of near ridiculous proportions ... that's all nice. But how about seeing and hearing you PLAYING your basses?!? You know ... performing?:bassist:

    To play along, you have to post both a picture from a live performance ... and a recording clip using the same bass!

    I'll start it off with a couple of me:

    Me kickin' it old school in my Jump/Rockabilly band Three Button Deluxe. I am thumpin' on "Slabby Joe" ... my '51 RI P-Bass. Drummer=very pleased, so we must be playing a shuffle. This was at a street dance in July and I remember it was hotter than the hinges of Hades out there in the sun! Here's a clip of the trio from our home-studio demo, playing Jump, Jive an' Wail. It's just live, no overdubs ... featuring the '51 and yours truly on vox. Pardon the quality, I ain't no engineer.

    '70s-funk flavor with The Groove Machine! I got a call to throw together a band at the last minute for a local dive-bar that had a cancellation so I called my friends from the GB band I was in at the time and we decided to have some fun. I broke out the old '80 Ibanez RS-924 Roadster and the red suspenders. I sold that bass a year or so ago and bought my Warwick Streamer STD. The Roadster had a great vibe, but it was heavy and chunky ... still kinda miss it though. I do think the lava lamp illuminating the red '70s Ludwig Vistalites was a nice touch. Oh, and our hot blond singer? She actually has a voice you wouldn't believe. She moved to LA last year though ...:bawl: Here's a clip of us from another homemade demo (again, apologies for my lack of studio wizardry) featuring her AND the Ibanez. I was able to get a good tone out of that beast though, come to think of it ...

    OK, that's it for me for now. Who's on deck?
  2. olistorck


    Sep 16, 2007
    Funky bass playing.... nice voice and legs.. good luck in Tinseltown.
  3. +100 on both!:D

    Her name is Lindsey Ray and she is doing really well out there already actually.

    She has had two of her songs picked up: "Goodbye From California" was used in the last season's finale of MTV's "The Real World" and "Brand New Day" was used in a couple of Target commercials.

    She writes really catchy pop tunes, and is just the sweetest person in the world. I truly wish all the best for her out there ... she's my girl!
  4. olistorck


    Sep 16, 2007
    oooh... I forgot, love your suspenders.... ;-))
  5. savit260


    Mar 6, 2006
    Numero Uno SX

    64 Precison.

    Click the links in my sig. Most of those tracks are the old Fender, although the SX is always in the studio with me too. ;)

    Ignore the first track on the D&T page. That's a rough home demo, and I have NO IDEA why Jeff would even put that out there. Gonna have to have a "chat" with him about that!
  6. Stee Flo

    Stee Flo

    Dec 7, 2007
    They play those commercials with that song all the time. Pretty cool for her! :)
  7. Yep, once the royalty checks start coming in, she says she is going to treat herself to a Koa ukulele! :p

    She's a kook ... good uke player though, actually.
  8. Coelho


    May 10, 2006
    Astoria, NY
  9. Another bass, another link.

    Here's a vid of me on the '57 RI P-Bass with the jump/swing band in the studio back in January. Love this bass ... though a RI, it's over twenty years old now and has really got some true mojo.

    The sound is poopiee as it is just the mic on the little crap camcorder, but it's pretty funny all the same to see a practice run. The idea is to play whatever you want to put yourself in the mood, then really go for it on the first take. Then, one more take for good measure and move on. No third takes. For the takes, I went direct, so there was no bleed. We cut all of our stuff live like this, and ended up with 12 good tunes, all in the course of five hours. I went back and overdubbed the vocals afterward.

    Funniest part for me is at 2:13 ... "More NOTES!"
    Nice ending too! :rollno: Oh well, that's why you do a run through!
  10. savit260


    Mar 6, 2006
    I'm guessing by the length of this thread, that there's an awful lot of basses that are comfortable in the captivity of "Madison Square Living Room". ;)

    I kid.. I know there's a lot more working basses out there, so let's see and hear 'em.
  11. Darkstrike

    Darkstrike Return Of The King!

    Sep 14, 2007
    Yup, quite a lot of us with non musical jobs who only play for fun.
  12. I though this was going to be pictures of basses in a jungle

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