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Basses Similar to Ibanez GSR180

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by LewisJai, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. LewisJai


    Jun 15, 2018
    So I have frequently seen threads from talkbass and have decided it would be a great place for this question.

    To cut it short I am looking for a bass that has a similar feel to the Ibanez GSR180 as seen in on this link form the Ibanez website.
    Electric Basses GIO - GSR180 Gio Ibanez | Ibanez guitars
    I love the feel of the neck on this bass and find that it has a comfortable shape and a suitably versatile sound. I'd love to find a bass with a similarly shaped neck that isn't too deep but has some nice width on it (especially near the nut compared to some other basses I have tried). I have a price range of around £400-£500.

    For more detail here's some things I haven't liked. At college I have played a Fender Starcaster J Bass that seems to have a fairly standard Jazz style neck and I really dislike how thin the nut width is and also the rather deep V style neck. I've also played a squier P bass that has a much nicer nut width but is still a rather chunky beast. I also really dislike the muddy sound that the P bass has and the lack of versatility. I also own a Epiphone EB-3 that I plan to sell in order to aquire a new bass as I have similar issues with it's neck as I do with the P bass but I also hate how heavy and neck heavy the bass is.

    I've owned my Ibanez Gio GSR180 for almost 2 year and I really like the shape and feel of it's neck, it has just the right depth and a smooth shape that I really love. I also like the look and versatility that the pickups/electrics give me with this bass as I often have to play a large variety of styles as a music student.

    What turns me off the other similar looking basses in the Ibanez SR series is that they seem to all be active, which I am not sold on. I am also personally not a fan of the plain wood aesthetic that is a staple of the Ibanez catalog.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I know there are a lot of gear nerds on here so light me up! :p

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