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BassIQ vs Q-Tron

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by danqi, Jan 24, 2002.

  1. danqi


    May 21, 2001
    I just got my Bass IQ but it is damaged (the switch is a little missplaced and it is hard to set it to the "down" position) and I will send it back to the mailorder store. On the phone they asked me if I wanted another BassIQ or something else.
    They also have an Electro Harmonix Q-Tron for about the same price and I am not sure if i should get that one instead.

    I noticed that when I dig in a littler harder the Bass IQ can't handle the signal anymore (sounds a bit distorted). Also it seems like the Q-Tron has more options. I am having a hard setting the BassIQ to a good slap setting. But I guess that is just because I am not very experienced with it yet.

    What do you personally prefer and what are the main differences between these two envelope filters?
    Unfortunately I can't try them out anywhere because where I live there are no stores that have bass fx pedals.
  2. didnt i answer this question like two days ago...
  3. I've heard many times that the Q-tron is rather testy.....One thing I've learned in my filter quest (on-going) is that more options a better filter does not make. There is alot of energy in those low frequencies and a bass specific filter will have a less sensitive response curve in that range, like the Mutron III.
  4. The Q-Tron, like all Electro-Harmonix products, has a cheap bypass switch that breaks very easily. The one I tried broke the first time I pressed it, and I was wearing Vans and pressed down with the very end of the shoe.
  5. danqi


    May 21, 2001
    Well, you did. I just thought I'd open my own thread and collect some more oppinions (not that I would not honor your's).

    I watched my flea video again. Flea uses a DOD and it sounds like it combines "up" and "down" sounds (maybe i am wrong and did just not listen right). When he plays high notes its "up", when he plays low notes like the open E its "down". I really like that but I can set my BassIQ only to either up OR down. Any thoughts on that?
  6. jerry

    jerry Doesn't know BDO Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 13, 1999
    The BassIQ is easier for gigging than the Q-Tron! If you want a filter with different programs for up and down.....the Line 6 is pretty cool!
    Aloha, Jerry
  7. I had the same problem with the Bass IQ, nasty, clipped distortion when digging in.

    After hearing from others here that they didn't have the problem, I went to swap it for a new one, but the store was out. They had just got the new Mini Qtron in, so I tried that and it worked for me (and was much cheaper). The bypass is clean, controls are simple and the sounds are good. The effect does seems to amplify the signal a bit. Not a problem for me, the limiter in my old SWR takes care of the minor increase in volume
  8. That Mini-Qtron sounds very cool...only "down" mode, correct? Most filters are off limits to me because they only operate in "up" mode. Too bad it is so big....how does it sound for you? Any others you could compare it to? The EBS in down mode maybe?
  9. danqi


    May 21, 2001
    Joe_Atlanta, since you have played both, do you think the MiniQ-Tron is a worthy replacement for the BassIQ?
    Can it produce the same kinds of sounds like the BassIQ?

    I have checked your profile and seen that you play Yamaha, too. Could it be that the BassIQ just does not work well with Yamaha's?
    Are there any other Yamaha/BassIQ users out there?
  10. Warning: the following is what my ears hear and should NOT be considered an "expert" opinion.
    Nope. Despite the product announcements that say down mode only, the filter operates in what I call up mode. In other words, the harder you hit the strings, the more the filter opens and emphasizes the Q (swept frequency). The sound goes from kind of muted (soft picking) to a sharp attack (when you dig in). This is what most filters I've seen (the EBS IQ as well) call up mode.
    On the EBS the selections are down, up, hiQ. These selections change the way the filter works. Down mode on the EBS closes the filter as you play harder, muffling the sound. The up mode works as described above, and hiQ cuts the lows a bit while adding more Q.

    On the MiniQ the selections are LP (low pass), BP (band pass) and HP (high pass). These are ALL in up mode. The LP mode sounds similiar to the IQ UP (full sound) mode and is the sound I needed. BP mode cuts bass (empasizing the mids), HP cuts bass and mids. All these have a slightly muffled sound that opens up when hit harder.
    LP works great for ME for finger funk and slap, BP for slap, and HP for 2 and and 3 note funk "chords" played up high on the neck.

    I again will note that the effected sound is louder than the bypass so you'll probably need a limiter/compressor or make volume adjustments on the fly.
    Dunno, my main Yamaha's have EMGs in them. I think that the IQ has a problem with "hot" active signals, particularly if you have a heavy touch.
  11. That sucks... I was hoping for a "down" mode-specific filter box from EH. I thought that would have been pretty nifty. OK, I know it doesn't REALLY suck...just for me.
  12. danqi


    May 21, 2001
    Does the Q-Tron (not Mini-) have a "down" mode?
    Where are the differences between Q-Tron and MiniQ-Tron?
  13. danqi


    May 21, 2001
    I have checked those reviews but I could not figure out if the Q-Tron has an 'up" mode.
  14. Q-tron features both up and down modes...Mini Q-tron only has one mode. Q-tron is many options and is very finicky...Mutron III and Mini-Tron have few options but sound great. I find the HP mode very handy when playing over bass loops; cleans up the mud.

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