Bassists that can easily be heard in metal music.

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  1. Hey all,

    So I'm thinking about this thing pretty long: "Why can't we hear the bass in metal music." I mean come on, the bassists at most bands is just a backing tool to make it thicker which is not THAT interesting to play.

    So now, do you know bands with bassists that are there to be heared, just like the guitar and drums. That add something to the music they make. Just an equal part of the band with equal sound.

    I'll start:

    Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) Invaders:

    (Gotta add that he is backing the guitar here for the most part, but he is very hearable, that counts also :p)

    Hope to hear some cool songs ;)
  2. a lot of system of a down songs have a predominate bass line and some you have to kind of search for it. Its easy because 3 out of 4 people in the band play an instrument so no rhythm guitar which helps a lot.
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    Jun 24, 2008
  4. System of a down has some parts in it, but most of the time the distorted guitar makes it impossible to hear, but still an awesome band.

    Great, he still played finger there! Too bad he stopped that.
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    Al Cisneros, Chi Cheng, Jeff Caxide, Justin Chancellor & Paul D'Amour, Geezer Butler, Lemmy...
  6. Steve Harris' P Bass always cuts through on pretty much every Iron Maiden tune I've heard. Also, you have to give Geddy Lee props on his singing/playing ability and being heard over all those synths and guitar.
  7. I like how you called Mudvayne metal and instantly killed the momentum of a potentially great metal thread. To pick that back up, here are a few good metal bassists that aren't in Mudvayne:

    Markus Grosskopf of Helloween- Check out "Eagle Fly Free" or "Guardians" for his old sound and for his new tone try out "Mrs God," "Dreambound", or "Just a Little Sign."

    Dirk Schlachter of Gamma Ray- check out "Into The Storm," "Beyond the Black Hole" or "Leaving Hell" for some good examples.

    The bassist of Italy's Cydonia(kind of obscure band, don't know the bassists name)- "Legend in Time" or "Land of Life" are good examples

    Ian Hill of Judas Priest-On the newest album "Nostradamus" he got a great cutting tone.

    Jari Kainulainen of Stratovarius-Check out the albums Visions and Episode, had a good deep and growly bass tone that is easy to hear.

    Patrice Guers of Rhapsody (of Fire)-Most of what he does cuts through pretty well, not as good as other bands but considering he cuts through an entire symphony orchestra he does a decent job...that dude has got some chops too. He only played on the 2 most recent albums...but the other 2 bassists in the band did a decent job too. I like this guy because he did it all with a 4 string.

    Felipe Andreoli of Angra-This man is damn good. He is the one that got me into metal bass (excluding Steve, because I always loved love of metal however came years later) . Listen to "Nova Era," "Waiting Silence," and "Temple of Hate"

    The thing about sticking out in metal is not only does the bassist support the tones of the guitarists which are often overpowering, but because of metal's speed and focus on the bass drum, the other ally of the bass its really easy for the thick guitars and relentless bass drum to bury the bass. The 2 ways to be heard are to either be LOUD (or mixed properly) or to have a really wierd way of playing, old Markus Grosskopf is my favorite example of the latter.


    Dec 10, 2007
    a few more:

    dd verni (overkill) head first

    sometimes i wonder how jasons bass playing would have evolved if he stayed with flots...
  9. children of bodom!

    When i saw them live (last friday!!!) the bass was nearly as loud as the vocals. (very loud)
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    John Campbell
    Brent Riggs from Job for a Cowboy
    Nick from As Blood Runs Black
    Liam Wilson from The Dillinger Escape Plan
    Mike D from Killswitch Engage
    Jake Shultz from Norma Jean
    and i cant think of anymore
    maybe the newer stuff from as i lay dying with that Josh guy.
  11. Only when he does the big slides, which clips the speakers.

    On entombment of a machine when hes doing that solo-type thing at the start, you can hardly even hear the notes
  12. the dude from mudvayne

    he's a bad mother
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    i just use my ipod and i can hear it fine. im using bose earpieces if that makes any difference however live he gets a great tone from those "wicks"
  14. yeah, good tone. but needs to be louder.
    even listening with a sub its just a low rumble
  15. Steve Digiorgio in Control Denied.

    Sean Malone in Cynic.

    Sami Hinkka in Rapture.

    I highly recommend these three bands.
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    Byron Stroud (Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory). Great metal tone and can always be heard. One of my favorites for sure.
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    Seconding Ryan Martinie. Also Jason Newstead from the Black Album onwards and Geezer Butler.
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    Billy Gould from Faith No More had a lot of songs where the bass was featured... rather, showcased in the melody.

    Duff from G'n'R had a lot of cool basslines that stood out from the mix (he had the cool 80's metal Hartke tone kickin', too.)
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    yeah i can agree when listening on a stereo or something it sounds terrible

    if it was louder that would be great.