Basslines MM-style Alnico w/ Tone Circuit

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by rickbass, Jul 3, 2001.

  1. I'm seriously considering putting the Basslines MM-style alnico pickup on a custom with the 3-band Tone Circuit w/slap contour they designed to go with. I'm hoping it's a very robust, aggressive sounding pickup that has all 3 tone ranges, brick-solid lows/thick mids/articulate highs.

    A guy at Seymour Duncan said even Flea would be proud of them.

    Any opinions on these or even the ceramic models? Thanks for any info, including where you got yours.

    (BTW, a search for this pickup really only turned up people who said they had them, not much on how they sound).
  2. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    Rick- I just mentioned in your Lane Poor's thread, I do have the Basslines MM + preamp(I had the Bart MM + preamp). IMO, the Basslines was a definite improvement vs. the Bart MM.
    Truthfully, I do not not play that bass too much; it's an on-going project(besides, it weighs 14 LBs).
    In fact, I was looking at it tonight: IMO, a pickup in the neck position might help(like a Lakland), then again, maybe I should've placed the pickup a little 'North' of the typical MM position. Live & learn, I guess.
    In any event, the pickup + preamp does has thump & nice highs...the mids were so 'good', I slapped my fretless neck on it; finally, some growl(that fretless neck just would 'work' on any of my other logs).
  3. Jim - I appreciate you posting here, too. My confidence level just went up more. I don't know if the Bart MM has an alnico magnet option like the Basslines. It may cost a lot more, but I'm betting it's worth the extra money. I also like the sound of having the slap contour switch that comes with the 3-Band Tone Cirucit/preamp.

    At least Basslines allow you a couple weeks or so to return them if they're not what you wan. But why not avoid that possiblity.