Basslines on Ju-Ju and Work Song?

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  1. Hey guys! I'm sorta not sure how I would walk a bassline for Ju-Ju and Work Song.


    Ju-Ju by Wayne Shorter

    8 Bars B+7// 2 Bars Bb+7/ 2 Bars A7/ 2 Bars AbMaj7/ 2 Bars E-7/ 2 Bars F Maj7/ 2 Bars B-7/ 2 Bars FMaj7/ 2 Bars B7(#9)/ Repeat.

    24 Bars with the intro and 16 without. I'm sorta not used to the form, and not sure how to walk for the intro especially.

    Work Song by Nat Adderly

    6 bars of Fmi7/ G7 (says to use C7 for head)/ C7/ 4 Bars of Fmi7/ F7(#9)/ Bb7 (Eb7) / G7 C7 / Fmi7 (C7) /

    Again the Fmi7s I'm not sure how to walk over them.

    This may tie in with another thread already on here though, Walking bass on static progression.

    Thanks :)
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    Do you have reference recordings?
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  4. Juju is in 3. I don't walk on it at all. I usually play a broken 3 feel or a pedal in one. If I walk at all, it is usually transitional.

    The original version (or at least the definitive version) of Work Song is on Cannonball Adderley's Them Dirty Blues. Find a copy of that one for a reference.

  5. Thank you Mark!

    I'll probably listen to that one. I'm doing this for a university jazz workshop class. Ju-ju is really unique haha, first time I've ever played something like that.

    Thanks again!
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    Mar 14, 2003
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    Yeah, the Shorter catalogue is a kick in the crotch at the point where you're comfortable walking lines over Real Book charts. In a way, though it's easier than that. Listen and try to copp the feel of what Reggie Workman is doing. Use the chart as a supplemental reference, but try to connect with your ear and find that time feel.
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    I play JuJu as if there were VooDoo dancers in a mosh pit in front of the band. A half note & 2 8ths per bar, double thumb/pluck, Index/Middle or Thumb/Index/Middle <BG, I don't play URB>. The right hand variations prevent fatigue. I think of it as a tune about wildness. I have to remember to listen for a soloist who wants to go quiet. It doesn't get played my way all the time.

    Try walking quarter note Fm7 arps to the 9th, on solos on Work Song & hitting the Root on 1 every other bar, in addition to broken 3rd's, doubled notes, pedals & the other patterns you would use on a modal tune like So What?. Can you invent 3 bar patterns for Fm7? Repeat & mix them to create interest when walking the 6 measure phrase.

    Both tunes will let you think outside the box & influence what others play. Enjoy. :cool:
  8. Thanks :)! Sorry for the late reply! Yeah I've been trying to pay attention to what the original recording is played like.

    Thanks :)! I'll try those! I've been suggested dotted quarter notes too. Sorry for the late reply again!
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    Be careful with overusing dotted quaters.... in 3/4 their like crack, so don't abuse them.

    I know this from experience and drummers telling me I was killing a groove. One of the many bad habits I like to think I've broken.
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    I play WorkSong quite a lot in a band I play with - I just tend to think of it as a Blues - but stretched a bit! :p

    16 Bar Minor Blues.

    If it goes at a fairly fast tempo, it's really no different and it doesn't feel "static" at all!
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