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  1. air_leech


    Sep 1, 2000
    well, I'm looking at their 5 string pickups the SJB5 and AJB5.
    can anyone comment on their sound?

    also, I know tone perception is subjective but if EMG is considered cold and hi-fi and Bartolini is considered transperent and smooth, how would you describe the Basselines general sound charectaristics?
  2. jwymore

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    Jul 26, 2001
    Portland, OR
    From SD's Website and IMHO a pretty good description:

    AJB-5 -- These active pickups for 4- or 5-string basses were designed with the needs of modern bass players and their instruments in mind. For Jazz Bass®, the bridge pickup has smooth highs and a solid bottom for warmth and clarity. The focused midrange gives the kind of definition that vintage pickups are so famous for. The neck pickup is fat and present with enough punch and snap to give the E string brilliance and definition. The fully discrete, ultra quiet, 9-volt preamp delivers low impedence output with excellent dynamic range. As a result of the micro power circuit design, you can enjoy up to 2,000 hours of continuous battery life.

    Please be advised that Basslines SJB-5 5-String Stack® for Jazz Bass® and AJB-5 Active 5-String for Jazz Bass® DO NOT retrofit 5-string Fender® Jazz Basses without modification
    This includes Fender's Jazz Bass® Plus V from the early 90s; as well as the Jazz Bass® Deluxe V, American Standard Jazz Bass® V, and Standard Jazz Bass® V - all of which were introduced after 1995

    SJB-5 -- Blade-type, lower output, flat response passive system, best used with Tone Circuits™

    Hope this helps .....