Bassman 200 vs Rumble 100

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  1. Dan32


    Jun 15, 2020
    Hi, new here. Been playing bass a short time with a slightly upgraded Fender Affinity P-Bass. Looking for a used amp and I have two locally priced similarly to each other. The Bassman is attractive because of the 15" speaker with a horn and it looks durable. The Rumble is smaller and lighter with just a 12" speaker, which would probably take up less space and be easier to transport. I don't need anything for gigs, just home jams. I've played with the Bassman before but not the Rumble so I'm asking on comparisons.

    What would you guys say, please and thanks.
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    Dec 2, 2016
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    The Rumble 100 is an excellent practice amp. I use one for rehearsals; we don’t play super loud, but it keeps up with electric guitar and drums nicely. The 22lbs and features like headphones and aux in would probably tip the scales for me.

    by “home jams” do you mean other instruments? Namely drums? If your goal is maximum volume, the 15” and 200w might give you a little more
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    Welcome to TalkBass, Dan. You ask some good questions. But the answers come down to your personal preferences. Either one can be great for beginning bassists, with great tone, pro-level features and good reliability.

    The Bassman 200 combo, at 200 watts into a 15" speaker, is from the 2000 to 2005 era. It has built-in compressor & limiter controls, sweepable mid controls, mute, pre & post XLR output (with ground lift & level control) to sound reinforcement (PA), tuner input and effects loop. It is totally pro level and can hold its own in reasonably loud bands. The only drawback is its 65 lb. weight. Its manual is located here. The Bassman Club here on TalkBass has lots of helpful members, should you go that way.

    The Rumble 100, at 100 watts into a 12" speaker, was first introduced in 2014 and is still current. It has a built-in automatic compressor/limiter, built-in overdrive w/controls, 4 band tone controls, 3 specially voiced tone buttons, auxiliary input, headphone output and effects loop. It is loud enough for acoustic groups and the XLR output to sound reinforcement can help it keep up with louder bands. And at just 22 lb.s it is extremely easy to transport. Its manual is located here. The Rumble Club here on TalkBass is very helpful and it also has a Rumble Club Wiki page, linked in my signature, full of Rumble pictures, reviews, tips, tricks, descriptions and other info.

    It is a tough choice. For many bassists the ease of transporting the Rumble is a key factor. For others the larger speaker and more power of the Bassman is key. That is the major difference between them. Personally, now in my old age, the Rumble's portability is my current choice. But in my younger, stronger, days I rocked the heavier, more powerful, stuff without complaint. That's why I have both a Rumble 500 combo and a lightweight Bassman 500 with 115 cab as my two lightweight "big guns", but most often use my 18 lb. Rumble Studio 40!

    Hope this helps.
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    Between those two, assuming the Rumble is the new one (black tolex with grey speakercloth grill, top-mounted controls) I'd say go for the Bassman. You really can't go wrong with either, but what tips it for me, other than a little more wattage to make this an option for playing with a drummer, is the flexibility you get on the back panel. While both amps have balanced line outs, the Bassman gives you a line level control which makes managing gain structure a little easier, if and when your home studio capabilities grow (i.e. plugging this amp into a computer audio interface). The Bassman also has a horn with an attenuator, which will give you a wide range of tonal possibilities from vintage to modern, before you even touch the amp EQ. The Rumble's 1x12 without a treble horn will be more limiting in this regard, even with the voicing switches on the main panel.
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    Jul 23, 2010
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    Fine points made by all of the above. I'd say do a Pros and cons list based on what you know about these amps and see which one will work best for you. I have the 100c, but Liko makes a great point about it lacking the higher frequencies. If the Bassman is in really good shape and you like its tone, buy it. If you think you'll be moving your amp in and out of the house and playing in lower-volume jams with a buddy or two, the Rumble will fit the bill perfectly. Read some opinions elsewhere and make a wise decision. The nice thing is you really can't go wrong if they're both in fine shape.

    After your acquisition, your next duty is to join two great clubs; the Rumble or Bassman Club, as mentioned by Doggie, and the Combo Club, which will love either of your purchase options. Good hunting!
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    Jun 15, 2020
    Thanks for all the input everyone.