Bassman 400H 2Ohms?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by opivy3056, Jan 6, 2005.

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    I have the fender bassman 400h amp and im very satisfied with it. The question I had about it was if anyone knew if it can run as low as 2ohms.

    The back of the amp says it goes to 4 ohms minimum. But the other day I was in a guitar store looking at the 400 PRO and it said it also went down to 4 ohms. Then later I saw on an advertisement that you could run it at 2 ohms getting 500 watts power.

    So the other night I was at my uncles and I decided to try and run my amp through 2 cabs. I ran it through my Avatar b410 (4x10 4 ohms) and my uncles peavey cab (2x10 1x18 4 ohm) I practiced with my band for about 3 hours running this setup, periodically checking the amp to make sure it wasnt too hot. I ran the master volume a little over half the whole time.

    The whole practice it ran perfect, it was barely even warm after 3 hours. So whats the deal?

    Can my amp go down to 2 ohms?
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    The 4 ohm rating may be conservative, mainly to limit the number of amps cooked by those who'd try running 1 ohm if it was 2 ohm rated. Manufacturers assume that some folks will have to find out the hard way how low a load will work. You'd probably be best off to cease your experimenting along those lines as amps such as these do not have sophisticated protection devices and in most cases the only way you'll know that you overdid it is when it stops working.

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