bassman sp3100

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  1. R Briere

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    Let's see......I think it would have been around 1972 or so that this piece of brilliant, high fidelity audio engineering entered MY life. It came with a 3x12 cabinet and continues to this very day to hold the record for the most foul sounding piece of tin that I've ever heard. I kept mine for about a month and then got a Standel. I've heard choking farm animals with a better sound. :) Other than that, it's great. It looks wayyyy cool, doesn't it?
  2. hahahhahah, thanks for the heads up!
  3. lo-freq

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    Jan 19, 2003
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    Yeah, a buddy of mine had one for a short while back in the day.

    It sounded bad.

    He got a Kustom head/cab after that & the rythym guitarist in his band got a Sunn head/cab. They ended up swapping amps.
    That Sunn sounded sweet. I think it was a 200S if I remember correctly.