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SOLD Bassmods 5-String PJ Bass Q534 2016 Vintage White Matching Headstock Reed James FREE SHIPPING

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Sabi On Bass, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. Sabi On Bass

    Sabi On Bass

    May 8, 2017
    Bassmods 5-String PJ Bass 2016 for sale


    -Overall excellent condition few minor dents and scratches but they are almost microscopic in size

    -Made in 2016


    -Alder body

    -Maple neck with Birdseye maple fretboard

    -String through body

    -Nice tight low B string not floppy like fenders

    -Vintage white color with matching white headstock, white inlays, white binding and black side dots

    -New black pick guard from quickguards still has plastic wrapping on it

    -Also comes with old white pearl pick guard

    -Hipshot ultralight chrome tuners

    -Hipshot chrome string trees to increase sustain

    -Bassmods string through bridge

    -Black Dunlop straplocks

    -Bassmods Preamp With Reed James RJ Neo vintage voiced pickups wired in 18v

    -Preamp controls in order are:

    Volume/Passive tone

    Parallel/Series switch

    Pickup Blend

    Mid cut and boost with push pull knob for highs

    Passive/Active switch

    Treble/Bass stack

    -Bass has been pleked which means the frets are perfectly level to eliminate string buzz

    -Frets are barley touched they still have years of life left in them

    -Neck is nice and straight and trust rod works perfect

    -Don’t want to give up this bass but due to financial needs I have to part ways

    -This bass is so versatile. From smooth sounding whole notes too fast attack slap lines this bad boy can do it all!

    -Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions

    -Will ship Safe and Secure

    -Asking $1150 or best offer
    Free Shipping included CONUS ONLY!

    -PayPal Only!!!


    17D0D6F1-E38D-4F67-B616-3C9060D63E17.jpeg E1A0E4CF-21CE-48AA-9A9E-AF68F45446BB.jpeg 38316146-CFC9-4D22-8C0E-41BEFFA8CB9D.jpeg 7FF67ACE-CB3A-4975-BCA1-BF7F63474872.jpeg 84B6E8A8-9E3C-42CA-8190-36348C8BFAA4.jpeg 57F49D32-2BB0-4DBB-A14C-32B95B0849BB.jpeg 3C75EA95-2BF8-4533-92ED-FA703F23CF33.jpeg 2C122052-F277-427A-9D93-3C8F3F21E47F.jpeg 6FB7C70F-6661-4098-82D9-A6E51B98503D.jpeg
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2019
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