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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Warwickthumb, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. I had a membership at a basswars.com. In fact I just canceled it. 5 bucks a month, not bad, but still. I listened to those bass players, and yeah wasn't all I thought it was. Sounded mostly like noise. Any of you guys listen or submitted anything? Just wanted to get someoneelses view. I thought the synth war stuff was cool though. And I don't even like that type of music.
  2. Ah, basswar.com. It's just a domain that goes to musicianwar.com

    I got a free subscription a year or two ago, because I am a synth player. It was really fun, so 2 months ago I had the chance to start it up again, as a paid member. I've been entering bass and synth competitions.

    Participating in the bass wars has really boosted my skills a lot.

    All in all Musicianwar is a great deal for what you're getting (look into the lessons section, etc.). There are some amazing players there, too. Look for people like Jazzpick, Cromag, Darkslide.
  3. Well I cancelled my subscription. I mostly check out the mele and slap bass competion. And some of the tapping. Like i said it was ok. I forgot there was a lesson session. Ill check it out if i still can. Might change my mind if its any good. Always up for learning something new.
  4. Desk - Jam Bucket


    There's some amazing slap stuff going on.

    Also, the audio chat is fun for live playing.