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    Been watching some of the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher era Batman films. I gotta admit, Batman 1989 is still one of my all-time favorite movies. The grappling gun/spear gun he uses in the movie is one of the coolest things ever. Just look at it.


    I just like a lot of what the movie had to offer - good story, well done characters, a great climax, and while the movie deviates from the comics a bit, it still kept the feel of a lot of it. It was even very funny and super quotable, as well as even having some graphic violence (remember the shrapnel ricocheting on Jack's face, which eventually caused his permanent grin? Yikes...). It also had a great ending.

    Batman Returns I enjoyed as a kid, but watching it today... it's such a miserable movie in every way. Too much of Burton's uber-goth tone. Batman Forever... could have been better to say the least, but again, as a kid, I liked a few of Batman's gadgets (his new grappling gun included):


    Watching Forever again as an adult, it's not awful. It had some decent character development for the heroes. However... the goofy neon crap was stupid, as were much of the action scenes, and Tommy Lee Jones could have been a much better Two-Face. Why did he act so idiotic in that movie?

    Batman & Robin - terrible. Like Forever, I saw it in theaters, this time in Junior High. I saw it with my dad, and we made fun of it the whole way home. Poor Batman.

    With the Nolan films, I particularly liked Dark Knight and enjoyed Dark Knight Rises to an extent. I never liked Batman Begins, and I was never in love with the scope or style of any of the Nolan movies, especially how BB's & TDKR's climaxes were basically near-armageddon. Seemed overblown, and we're talking about a man dressed up as a bat fighting clowns, ninjas and 'roided freaks.

    I also enjoyed reading a few comics when I was kid, as well as the awesome 90's animated series. I even enjoyed the shark-repellant fueled 1966 movie as a kid. However, the 1989 movie continues to be my favorite. The final word - Iron Winch Batman:


    Took everything that was great about the 1989 movie and comics, threw it into an action figure. Being a kid during that time was awesome.
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    As a child, I remember being more intrigued by the tools and gadgets than the actual story in many episodes.